The Eternal Arcanum

May these words find a home with you, uplifting your moments into the forever of pure potential.

Your Heart speaks the truth you’ve been longing to hear.

Without compromise, harken, and answer this voice, in action, word, and experiential deepening of self into the ever nurturing essence of life.

The honesty of our experiences never ceases, and are unrelenting in their purity of expression. Listen, and listen well, with an ever ‘learning- will,’ opening to what is for us as real in each moment.

Turn to the focal point of goodness within the center of your being, the point of Loving compassion within, ever more in all things. The radiance of the inner truth will not forsake you. Give your concerns to it, and be led by it in all things. “Teach me within these living waters the eternal truth, my holy inner Lord of arcane Love that dwells in all.”

Rise now, and save your world. Make peace, with all things, turning to, and finding your home, your solace within the inner unfolding of the eternal sanctum. Pure love for the whole of all things. Return now to the eternal throne of the experiential unfolding of compassion within.

Such beautiful expressions of presence, within moments of wholesome appreciation for the mundane. The way warm water flows into a cup, from out a hot tea kettle on a brisk cool day. The way the winters breeze moves the mists throughout the trees, and upon the earth surface. Be enamored by the norm, of sacred truth.

With Love always

Your brother Nic

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