Gorgeous Monday 🤷🏻

Good morning world!

I do hope everyone is having a lovely Monday, and fresh start into a new week. Nice of you to join me here within the mingling of words. Untold possibility rests in our finger tips, at this very moment, and not just our finger tips. Endless possibility lays dormant within all aspects of yourself, every living, and every apparently dead or dormant object, is in fact throbbing, and percolating with life unfolding-potential.

There is only ever transformation, and the eternal being behind it all; you are ‘the dream weaver.’ Momentarily in a nebulous state, so lets reach to the divine, our inner heart-eternal awake, aware and pulsating with pure love, only waiting for your little effort of reaching out, and opening to ‘its- your,’ inherent potential.

When we open, there is oneness, when we close, there is the experience of separation. I’ve been in a position, to notice a lot of people lately. I’ve noticed; even though most of them ought to be relaxing, (being for the most part on vacation), they are not. I watch them moving, looking, figuring, few if any ‘relax into,’ and open. It’s as if even though they have escaped on a vacation, their still looking around the corners for a further way out, to be once again eluded by the specious promised feeling of ‘vaca-liberation.’ Sadly these efforts are spurious, and elusive, short lived if anything at that. And furthermore the funny thing is, when you learn to ‘sink in, and open,’ vacation is really wherever you are. It’s like you become so interesting, vacation comes to find you. 🙂

Sinking in, and opening to the what is, within each moment is really the art, and Tao of pure solemn bliss.

Thank you for hanging out, wishing you a most beautiful week, till next time.


Your brother


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