Moment into moment.

Thx to my new foldable keyboard I’m able to type while out and about using my phone. Revolutionary to be sure. 🙂

Lets allow this moment to perfectly unfold, wherever you are at this segment in time. Let the things around you just melt into the embrace of the sanctity of this moment. Into the transmutative puissance of the greatest alchemist; ‘the experience of truth, moving the currents on the return voyage to the heart of our being.

Sounds luxurious doesn’t it? Just let go, and be taken by the wings of life itself, into ever more lovely states of existence.

To most of us having been taught, what we’ve been taught, such a notion simply sounds ludicrous. “Surely you have to work hard, to get the grand reward, at that ever elusive, spuriously promised point of satisfaction?”

You know that point that never comes? Oh don’t play coy, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So consider maybe, just maybe, it’s all been wrong. Maybe just maybe, it could be so very easy, so very satisfying. Not at some point in the future, but right now. I mean honestly. “What keeps you from happiness, but the want for things to be different then they are now?” And what if we did just begin, moment by moment excepting things as they are? Meaning; removing their chains of bondage, with which all this resistance to what is, weighs us down. “Could it be true? Could it be so easy? Could it be that if we just surrendered, we would be endowed, with all the returning powers we’ve invested in the resistance to things as they are? Could it be that with the returning of this power, we would actually have everything we’ve thirsted for a life time? Could it be that this returning power, would naturally heal us, and transform us it something totally spectacular?”

Well my dear friends; I say absolutely Yes. And I say it with conviction because I’ve experienced it over, and over again in my own life. So, its true I could write entertaining Blogs, to regale the mind with stories. But, at my heart of hearts all I truly wish to share, is this state of allowing, this state of silence ever unfolding- deepening into the Love we are at our core. Love is so much more then just a word. So few actually have even the vaguest idea, or conceptual understanding of this ‘arcane phenomena we call Love.’

Looking forward to our continued journey, into deepening honesty together.

Blessings always

Your brother


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