Love & Honesty…

Coming to love one another, and to be honest. This is the challenge Ram dass was given by his master. These tow lessons were given in procession, and so the student was faced with a real problem. Because when he was told to be honest, he had to honestly admit, he did not love everyone. (BTW this everyone includes yourself.)

So, this is the work; 1. Love everyone ‘&’ 2. Be honest

How can this ever truly be done? Only a love so whole, so unconditional, so uncanny could ever stand to face such a tidal-wave onslaught of the story-tied-self.

The question id like to ask you is this, do you believe honestly that this is a feat you could accomplish alone by simple force of will, which gets offended so easily just by someone cutting them off on the road? Or does it take a whole new aspect of our being, which embraces, or at least begins to tolerate the idea of oneness?

Have you ever consider as you sit there in your space alone, that another person sitting somewhere completely different, may be experiencing the same thing you are? We are not so different, when it comes to our impressionable momentary experiences. What did Shakespeare say; “when you prick us, do we not bleed?”

You see in the real ways that matter, we are one and the same. Only different beneath the veils of separation which do not allow us to see things for what they are. Rather it makes things into ideas of “you, and them.” As if there could be a you, without a them, as if there could be a man walking, without the ground, as if there could be a bird flying, without the sky and winds to carry it.

So it is with us, we too have a wind ready to carry us, past the obstacles if we would only let go of the idea that we are so alone, and no one is there to help us.

We are part of a life experience, and the part of us that is aware of it is capable of so much more. Creating worlds in the blink of an eye, worlds which make playing fields, for endless myriads of possibilities for life to experience itself. Through the eyes of Love, through the eyes of truth all is rightly beautiful. Seeing value in all things, while working ever for the liberation of each being.

Let’s not spend another moment on anything less then this divine deepening into ‘ Arcane-Love’ through the acceptance of things as they are. When we allow, we are free, by the grace of our inner truth we are liberated.

Be blessed always

Till next time your brother,


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