Morning after the Tornado.

The storm last night was nice, and reasonably mild, considering it was going by the appellation of tornado. I spent some time sitting outside watching the rain, and feeling the winds sweep around a bit. It was all very appropriate in manor for the special 11-11-2020 date we were in (for those of you who actually consider such things). Oddly enough it was also the end of the first sleeve of papers, which make up the journal I had picked up specifically for this interesting juncture in my life, and the country being in the middle of a disputed election. Oh no, don’t bring politics into this! No worries I won’t, ‘much.’

My feelings on it all is not for one side or the other, but rather, that I now, as I always feel that; we need something altogether new. We have been living with a sense of division, and anxiety deriving from this devision so long. It almost seems that most people are so used to operating within directed parameters, that we forget to consider possibilities outside of the average provincial. I recall George Washington not being a big fan of sides either, rather he said, for now thats how people are, but they will evolve (I’m paraphrasing).

Ok, enough on that subject, I know its touchy for people at the moment. I just ask, and pray for that to happen, which will guide us on the smoothest, swiftest path into a very salubrious state of co-existing. States of compassion, and appreciation for each other’s commonalities, as well as our differences. We have all we need, here on this beautiful planet. Let each being make the choice here, and now; to live in goodness for all things. You see through you here, and now, this new way of gorgeous co-existence is already here, if you choose it, and continue to nurture it within yourself, and all you come in contact with.

Well, that got a little more into it then I had expected. It’s always interesting to see how words emerge, and develop. As I continue to sit here, enjoying the rarity of a cool fresh Florida breeze, getting ready to stroll down to the beach, for the very important task of going for a swim in the ocean, before catching this eves sundown. I know, unbelievable, fantastic really, and I am truly filled with thankfulness for the time I have here. So for now, I wish everyone a most wholesome, and lovely rest of the day. May the winds be at your back, and the moments most pleasant unfolding a close by heart.

Be blessed always,

Till we connect again,

Thank you for reading

Your brother


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