Ever anew – ‘The eternal-no-time.’

After a long break, I’m looking forward to restarting this Blog/Music site anew. So welcome everyone to the first ‘new,’ Blog.

I know we have all moved through so much in the last few months. So many challenges transforming, and revealing us, on so many levels. Congratulations, we are still here, and as always it feels once again like its only just begun.

We grow together, ever wiser, and more beautiful, time but a concept for the eternal to grow, ever deeper into its most sacred heart of Hearts. Let these times open you, encourage you, to take the next step on your path of personal truth. Let the moments cadence move you, to give voice to the part of you that has been in silence. The part of you that has been unheard, and unfulfilled. Bringing perfect movement to our deepest truths, to rise into a new time of collaboration, understanding, and compassion for each other.

Let it start with you, to support those that need support, to understand, instead of wanting to be understood. Turn your perceptions inside out, and live from a bare sense of perfection. Where you are now, is exactly where you need to be, in order to take the next step, on the great stairway leading into the sanctuary of absolute acceptance, seeing only perfection, in our ever unfinished state of growth.

You are the eternal painter, dreaming brushstrokes of unfathomable artistry, on the ever renewing canvas made of the the threads of life. All can be renewed, all can be transformed, easily, the touch of the divine, the hand of grace is your innate right. Bless yourself with this gift, to release your burdens, let them go truly, do nothing to serve them any longer, living within graces winds of inspired action only. You are free, you are blessed, and you are loved by all existence.

What you do to one,
you do to all.
In this life we breath,
sharing waters.
Listen inside,
listen deeply within.

Walk your path,
your hearts truth will guide you.
Its touch will sooth you.
Its grace transform you, in beautiful ways.
And open the doors,
to welcome you home again.

Support and love one another,
all we have here is each other.
When we cant hear the answer,
and let time bless the ledger.

Together we stand
Together we fall (like holy waters)
Together we will rise to heal this World. (like a flood to overcome.)
Theres no why or reasons needs for rhymes to our Love.

Yours in Words, Music, and purpose

Nicolas Heartmann πŸ˜‰


I’ve been holding prayer space in the mornings, so if anyone feels the need, just leave your name in the comments below for a little extra support of Grace.

Blessings always, feel loved, and supported in divine movement,

your brother, Nicolas.

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