Core- ona virtues.

Core – Our prime epicenter.

Ona – Derived from the latin mean ‘full of grace.’

Virtues – Meaning force or significance – moral excellence, goodness, uprightness.

Hello everyone,

Imagine infinity, imagine time and space, stretching out into eternity. So unending that the concept becomes unreal, impossible to grasp, and we begin to see something new. We begin to see the concept of time and space, undoing itself within our minds, as we waken to the realization of the one great moment, in which we always find ourselves. That all space is contained within the dreaming emanation from out the core of all existence. Endless trillions of ocean filled- raindrops, all fall together in harmony within this sacred space. Waking to see that perfect wisdom, unbridled, unbound existence, is already at the core of our nature, we need but to listen. We come to feel at home within the mystery, as we release our bonds of the minds necessity for certainty, and opening our hearts, by the puissance of compassion in all things. We waken into a space of pure potential. A World made Anew!

Does this sound to good to be true? It is not! You are so far more, then you have ever thought possible. Even in the sickest states, your bodies alone, are true instruments of Gold, so unbelievably powerful, it could never be grasped, not by the most savant of doctors or scientists. Each cell, each piece endowed with un-comprehendible potential. And I believe this would be a great time to wake up to some of these potentials.

We’ve been as a world experiencing quite a bit throughout this, “personal distancing,’ situation. There are so many minds, filled with all sorts of ideas, staggering within uncertainty. Some see a very ill fate indeed, some who’s hopes are truly high, and yet some pretend to not care either way. I believe the core lessons, core values, always remain the same. What can we truly ascertain for ourselves within this time? I believe the lesson of learning to care for one another, and learning to go inside to care gently for ourselves, is very clear. So clear, that untruth is beginning to no longer be a sustainable option. Another war or struggle of any kind inside or out, will not solve our problems! A united people grounded in ‘eternal values,’ becomes untouchable, for they hold at their core the very heartbeat of creation. When we learn to listen, we begin to understand, in place of needing to be understood. We release the need to be heard, into opening our ears and hearts, to hear truly the voice of our neighbors. Our neighbors which expand in all directions, as time and space itself. We would find more so, that at the core we all share the same existence. Together we can do anything, together we can create a life on earth, for all to blossom and thrive.

It starts with you! It starts within you choosing to begin being very real, and honest with yourself, your feelings, your truths. Clearing the inner path, so that each being begins to operate from a space of calm, clarity. Having divested ourselves from the shackles of doubt, fear, regret, shame, and its many other names, the inner sincere truth can shine, and create a personal, perfect path for you to interact with existence. Ask! Ask now, for this path to be opened for you. Ask now for your inner troubles to be transformed into simple potential again. Ask now for your hatreds, to return home into compassion. Ask now, and choose to be free of all bonds and tethers, so your beautiful heart can sing again! Stay open to truth, listen to the love inside, and do not waver, this time is yours in a very meaningful, and precious way. Endless storehouses of powerful transformation, now wait only upon your behest! Do it, and do it now, be kind to yourself, and others, ask for support within, and open the temple doors of the heart!

And so it is!

Much Love always

Yours in Voice, Word, and Heart.

Nicolas Heartmann

You may also enjoy this, a guided audio process into sacred space: Spoken Word Odyssey!

Or this also a spoken word process into ever deeper arcane love: Awaken!

Thank you!

Till next time

Yours in Words, Music, Health, and Healing.



Beautiful glowing-‘arcane symbols‘ orbit the Tip-Jar! (Ooh,,, how auspicious.)

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