Deepening clarity

Deepening clarity

Into the depth of who we are, into the truth of what is real for us in each moment. The transformation, the rising into an ever greater clarity of ourselves, and the world we see. Communicating in ways that are devoid of prevarication.

We come to a space of surrender, a decision of sorts to begin the process of becoming very real with ourselves. We light a candle physically or we sit within the light of our being-ness. There is a sense of arrival, of clarity, an auspicious sense that what is to come is meaningful in some very extraordinary way.

We experience the arising of latent reflections, unresolved aspect of self. Things we have not quite been able to make peace with, up this point.

Blessed be all reflections!

And,,, this is where the most sacred truth is unveiled, through sincerity within.

Be blessed always

You may also enjoy this, a guided audio process into sacred space: Spoken Word Odyssey!

Or this also a spoken word process into ever deeper arcane love: Awaken!

Also if you care to show your support, for 99cents there is a song available for download; Click Link for purchase — Click Link for preview. (More to come!)

Thank you!

Till next time

Yours in Words, Music, Health, and Healing.



Beautiful glowing-‘arcane symbols‘ orbit the Tip-Jar!  (Ooh,,, how auspicious.)

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