The beach is just sand, the waves are just water.

A prison is just stone, the bars but earth.

Here is another there, there another here.

Through an opened heart, that is made whole in love, do these things take valuable meaning, and by Loves grace is beauty seen.

In the coming days, let us go inside, deep inside, and ask for Loves sacred grace, to reforge the bonds which’s gates have been shut, as we’ve given up our faith, and sought to do it all ourselves.

You are the one being told in thousands of expressions, but the heart inside you beats for you, and you alone. The divine in you, is utterly dedicated to you, and you alone. Live for it, as it lives for you, in utmost fidelity to one another. The covenant is reforged, and the tow become one, within the most sacred Spirit.

There is a special kind of flood gate which opens, a healing flood gate, when we create space for our inner divinity to uniquely express itself.

Each such moment is really a service to all of existence. An opening of space wether in word, song, or an actual physical space, for the hymn of spirit to be heard and felt. A healing resonance fills this experience, touching deep and ancient hurts, which are as if by magic transformed effortlessly, ever so gently reunited with the heart of hearts at the center of all things.

Title Picture courtesy of “Mark Marano.”

Be blessed, and eternally Loved

Nicolas Heartmann 🙂

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Or this also a spoken word process into ever deeper arcane love: Awaken!

Also if you care to show your support, for 99cents there is a song available for download; Click Link for purchase — Click Link for preview. (More to come!)

Thank you!

Till next time

Yours in Words, Music, Health, and Healing.



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