Altars of Dignity

The immense value of keeping an altar, in daily connective practices, and throughout, the value of remembering our sacred, most beautiful, and precious truth of who we are.

I recall back when I was roundabout fifteen, one of the first things that was taught to me by an older brother of mine, was the use of consecrated sacred space in your living quarters. I noticed how he had placed certain very interesting items, before the mirror of his dresser. I also noticed how there were candles placed around these items. Notwithstanding what I noticed the most was, the sense of wonder, and attraction this sacred little area always (unknowingly), held for me. One day I asked him about it. He said to me, “Nic, these are sacred items given to me, or things I found in special moments. I place them here to remind me.”

“Remind you of what,” I asked?

“To remind me that life is sacred, that life holds meaning, and that there are no ordinary moments.” He gave me a look, a look that spoke to me saying, ‘I remember the time I had these questions.’ He continued on, and I noticed his choosing with prudence the right words to impart to me now. “You know Nici, I believe that there are reasons for us to be here, and that sometimes we can forget those reasons and ourselves, and when we do so we risk living an empty life. I do not wish to live such a life, so I make sure to remind myself through lighting a candle, looking in the mirror and remembering.

After that conversation I had never gone another day without creating a sacred space for myself. On this space I placed items which held meaning to me, special gifts, special reminders of how sacred life is. I would light a candle, and I would sit or stand and pray over this candle. Very often I would in moving prayer, practice my martial arts before the altar. In this way, for my own self I began to cultivate inside me something very, very immensely vital; ‘Dignity and confidence, that came from a realization of how special, and meaningful each breath we breath, each heart beat within us really is. A confidence that came from a deep reverence, and respect for all of life.

I as we all, have passed through much in this life, from rich to homeless, and back again. One thing in all my journeys and travels that was always of utmost importance to me, was wherever I went on my sojourns, the first things I packed, and unpacked were my few sacred items and candles. The first thing I ever always created in any living situation was the sacred space of remembrance. I knew when lighting the candle of this space, that no matter what I went through, that I was never less then another, and that my life, my breath, my words, my love was sacred, special, meaningful, and in some unfathomable way eternal.

Be blessed on this Holy weekend of resurrection, a weekend regardless of your beliefs, a potential time of personal overcoming the frailties, and a rising above the standard of the general belief of human potential.

This is my work, my heart, my love for each of you.

Be blessed in remembrance always.


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One thought on “Altars of Dignity

  1. Wonderful early life changing experience for you. WOW!

    Thanks for letting me know. I will start paying closer attention to your musics from now on. But I will only ‘like’ it, if I like it. Just so ya know, that’s how I flow. 😀

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