Choice vs’ Kismet

I really love this topic, because I’m pretty certain it has in one way, shape or form been on everyones mind at some point. It’s strange for most people to think that they have no real say over there destiny. And at the same time it feels also strange to think, that we are left alone with an ever uncertain outcome, doomed to make choices.

I know that as we live our lives, it is very important to make choices, because it is these choice which show or reveal us for who we are. So, on this level of being, there is great value in making choices which forge our character. As we grow, and our characters begin to become ones of integrity, and transparency (meaning free of inner deceit). We move into a state of existence, in which the idea of ‘choice,’ melts into a state of oneness, or pure existence. It is not that we do not have a choice in this state, it’s more that we make the choice, to surrender our personal idea of who we ‘think we are,’ to something which at heart is more authentically who we truly are. So in this state of existence, there is no real need for choice, it is more of a natural unfolding which we partake in, as we continue onward into the potential of entering the state of that which we can not speak of.

The reason why it is something we can not speak of is; because this utmost quintessence is beyond existence, it is something of endless potential, that does not by it’s very nature enter into the illusion of being, except through it’s creations, which is us, and all things in existence. It is the very wellspring of all things. And if we have understood through living, that love is preferable to experiencing fear, you can be certain this grand infinite being, understands this, and much more… This is why I can wholeheartedly say, if there be a God, that God is Love.

The ways in which we begin to enter the space of natural unfolding, is by listening to our hearts, listening to the part of us which speaks with sincerity. To listen to, or turn away from, what we know inside to be true is very much a choice. Though the further we go from the path of honesty, and integrity the greater becomes the toll on our health, and happiness. It would seem that either we choose to walk the path of inner sincerity, and integrity, or little by little we loose our connection to our natural state of connected-wellbeing. This is not something which as a judgment is dooming us, it is simply because we “are,” our natural state of wellbeing.’ As we leave this state, by aligning with things which are not of our truth, we loose ourselves by the very nature of what is. There are even beings who have gone so far as to believe they are, the total opposite of there truth. Let this not be your kismet, and while we are in a state of choosing, we ought to make choices aligned with what we know is right, and good inside. And as we are Women, and Men walking the world I believe this statement rings true:

“The only person you are destined to become, is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Emerson

Hope you have enjoyed this tidbit of writing.

Till next time

Yours in Words, Music, Health, and Healing.



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