Untying of circumstances.

I’ve been in quite a few conversations this week involving; people really feeling stuck in their life circumstances or apparent difficulties, in maintaining themselves, and their lives etc. In hopes of shining some light of relief on these feelings, I decided to write a little journey blog in response. First off I’d like to say that if anyone tells you that their life is just perfect, and they have no difficulties because of there mastery with the universe, I’d say Hogwash. We are simply stated; at the moment living by virtue of the times, through experiences that are quite challenging, as we move toward eventual liberation. So take heart knowing that you are not alone, and that to feel challenged in this life, is quite normal. Also that; allthough there may be upheaval, how we relate to these things, and how far we allow these things to taint or sully the inner spirit of blossoming goodness, is very much in our hands. You see the changing of the outer world, is not always so important, but the coming to a place of release from suffering within, very much is. I know it’s not always easy, and it takes some effort, but it gets ever easier with time. Allow your heart now to be lightened, and enjoy this short journey into the inner sanctum of the heart:

Here we are, for another experience of untold potential for growth, and transmutation. There is little chance at out running ourselves, neither can we escape or hide, for very long at least. What we can do is transform these distraught aspects of ourselves, into truth, into unbound sacred energy potential once more. We can return to excepting our eternal, unbridled nature, and bathe in its purifying Love of comforting stillness.

-The Great Key is inner and outer; ‘Sincerity.’-

Beginning with the breath. Taking in the air around us through our bodies, as we continue reading, we begin also to notice breathing the underlying sacred breath, filling us with ever renewing untapped holy mana, or pure life energy.

Breath,,, breath this sacred breath, to the sacred rhythm of your personal connection of experience. Pray the inner prayer of the heart into the depth, into the truth of your feelings. Breath…

Allow yourself to feel this expansive nature within, go as deep as you can into the center of the beating heart. See if you can feel also the space between each heart beat, betwixt the in, and out moving of blood, and the life undulating pulses. There is liberation here, just a breath away,,, breath. We can see it outside ourselves reflected, as we gaze, with dreaming inner eyes, into the unending sky’s where stars dance and mingle. Allow yourself to just observe these things,,, as we begin to understand the value of this state of just being, in observation. And that we need not leave this state of pensive- tranquil observation, even as we physically take actions. We need not become so taken away by the outside world, as to forget the source, our inner being which just notices, in pure sincerity. This is your birthright, to be purely, just only ‘you.’ We begin to understand the vital importance of putting our inner equanimity above all other contracts or pulls.

This experience, this gift is ours by no effort of our own. Only the little effort in the asking, and willingness to release the reigns, which are held by the ideas we carry of who, and what we are, and the need to seek answers in a place where there are no questions, turned over to our true inner sanctified self, which knows only unbridled- infinity of goodness.

It is in the embracing of our sacred pure consciousness, by the virtue of no longer resist things as they are. A place where we see the greater whole as ourselves, and wholeheartedly can say, thy will, the most sacred will “be done.” Understanding within our heart of hearts, that this will is our own inner pure truth. All else is but a happening, an opinion, a nice story… Let’s embrace the sanctuary of ‘witnessing’ rather then, ‘entangling,’ as we allow all things we have held so tight, herewith be unbound, and released. As we release our hold on things, so too do we release ourselves from bondage.

Let this be your time, your moment, of the transformation from out of this story-book and back into aligned truth with yourself. (If you wish repeat out loud with me, the following).

I will no longer resist what is, inside or outside myself, and therefore free myself of ideas and stories, embracing with compassion all things as they are. I return, and stay in the pure sincerity of my being, the inner sanctum of goodness. I except my ever unfolding, endless potential, and with gratitude I live in a life of love.

Welcome Home! 😉

Yours always in Sincerity of Words, Music, Health & Healing.


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