Me time

Who can ever get enough of ‘me time,’ I mean really? Yes, I do enjoy my me time in a kayak on a quiet ocean. ;-p Heavenly indubitably.

Hey everyone it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a post. A scandalous sin I know, but for good reason. ;-p There have been very fun collaborations on some musical projects, and also some personal inner work of the heart. I’ve been known as a very intrepid journey’er when it comes to the inner work, and when the path calls I’ve always answered.

I find this work of clearing our inner world of the utmost importance. It’s funny how sometimes, we don’t even realize the work there is to do until we are shown. Somethings can become so much a part of our being, we totally don’t even realize its hindrances or life influence. Anyhow, keeping the path to the inner sanctum of the heart clear, is for me step one in all I do. This is because I’ve come to realize that disconnected actions, are often then not, fruitless.

A little bit about this connection with the inner heart-seat; The inner space of sincerity the inner seat of awareness from which we experience our world, is holy indivisible. Meaning; it is the same space inside each of us, much like love itself is indivisible. You can’t cut Love into pieces, and have different amounts of pure love, pure love is pure love regardless into how many pieces it is divided. Herein lies one of the great mysteries of life. How on one world of so many people, each person within is a whole unique world of it’s own. By this I mean each individual experiences the world, through his/her interpretations as a totally unique experience. The experience of being aware no matter how divided, does not change its potency. Awareness, as Love, as is the inner seat of the thing we call Soul, is holy indivisible, and shared by all, as the great phenomenon of life eternal.

Till next time

Sincerity be with you


2 thoughts on “Me time

  1. ren

    Twas not a scandalous sin to have been post-absent for a few days. From the sounds of it, your away-ness was personally beneficial on many levels. Congrats are in order. Congratulations!

    I appreciate your concept of our inner-space being holy indivisible! I love that perspective. It helps to further demonstrate that only our experience in life is what matters. So…what experience do we choose to have?

    Great post! Thanx!

    Liked by 1 person

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