Divine Storm

Quick post entry

There is no substitute for the Love, the goodness at the center of our being. Placing the communion with this love at the forefront of all we do, is our unshackling. Our key to unlocking the gates of the eternal home, our empyrean or heavenly harmony, our wellspring.

Conundrums melt into sincerity, as we allow our experiences to unfold their truth. All things have a holy right to feel just the way they do. Every feeling is holy and true. In every moment of our existence there is a potential, for resistance, for allowance, and for moving our intention in unison with the divine storm into the center of our being. I’m calling the in-breath of embracing what is; the ‘divine storm.’ A meshing of will with the divine vortex of transmutation into pure possibility.

Pulling all we experience, all we suffer, all we are, into the center of our divine being, our hearts center, by the virtue of our breath, what returns is the only thing, the divine offers; Pure potential, for all beings to experience themselves as liberated arcane love, within experience.

Side note:I like to refer to the word Love as arcane-love, only because Love is to cosmically manifold, to be localized into one concept.

Much Love always


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