A thousand voices

The inner workings.

We ought consider what our ‘inner workings’ portray or mean, and why they are so important. Consider how the inner workings affect all aspects of our life, from our body, to relationships, and the outer world as we see it. Consider how the inner workings are invisible to the eyes, how they are really more something which is felt, and experienced inside our existence. Now ponder why we would exhaust so much effort, on expelling any notion of our inner feelings existence through escape when they so truthfully arise. And truthfully is how they ought be experienced, and allowed. Because seen within the presence of sincerity, they show us ever to ourselves, our resolve into something so very glorious.

Have you ever felt as though there are a thousand voices, a thousand expressions inside your very self? Have the veils, the filters between them, and this life ever lifted, so to experience it all as wild water flooding your awareness? A coalescing flood of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Where do you turn, what do you believe? All mixed and mingled as one voice of a thousand minds.

There are probably quite a few folks out there thinking; ‘yea that seems about an average day.’ We can have the most harrowing experiences inside, when externally it would appear not much has changed. Often these experiences can fluctuate from moment to moment even. The question is this; how do we come to a place of peace with ourselves, and life? The answer is so very rudimentary, so simple; “Be fully present with them, allowing them to unfold, as they tell there story.” If this can be done without judgment, in a simple air of compassion, then we heal, and our journey into ever deeper more authentic states of self ensues.

We come into a pure witnessing state of it all, as the heart begins to open with warmth of kindness. We notice there was nothing for us to ever do, since in our true state all healing already has happened. More so, there was never truly any healing which needed to happen, or anything we could have done to make it happen, only a recognition that we are ever only the watcher. Becoming enraptured with freedom, with the then naturally unfolding phenomenon of pure appreciation of who we are. This experience can find you, at any moment, while being on the best diet, the worst diet, doing unending yoga positions, or completely querulous in a traffic jam. We can work toward it or it can fall upon us, there are no rules, but when it does, an ancient sense of amorous belonging and wonder will surly be present.

Something to catalyze this state would be to ask; Ask within yourself, connecting in whatever way feels felicitous to you, with the sacred life inside. If we are asking sincerely, genuinely without devision or falsehood of our desire, apparent miracles will find you, commonly in unexpected hours. And uncommonly whenever ;-p.

Be blessed always



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