Suffering vs’ Authenticity

When we feel emotional pain, in a chronic sense or even just extended periods of time, we are not allowing something to clear which has made its root before the truth of our authenticity.

Why do so many way-lights say to except or allow what is?

Giving the state of most peoples situations, and attachments to what is or has been, this sure seems like the most heart-wrenching, convoluted undertaking. Where we say something like, “how can I ever forgive ‘that,’ how could I ever let ‘that’ go?

I believe this is because the experience of what is beyond the concept of ‘excepting,’ has not yet been experienced. When we are truly in acceptance, a new state of being unfolds for us, “a whole new world.” (The Aladdin theme song begins to play in the background.) Once ‘attachment’ becomes ‘release,’ the freed energy becomes untold potential, and something truly magical happens. Within this pure energy, we begin to feel that inner smile awakening once more, a remembrance of a very pure, very ancient state of equanimity. We see the nightmare ‘we’ have been creating over, and over for what it was, seeing into the shadows core, revealing the purity of the potential residing therein.

From this state of being, we can begin to make choices which prior felt impossible, or see all new potentials forming in our awareness. Once our fetters become undone, the potential is untellable.

There is a trap which ensnares us, which basically amounts to; ‘if we can not forgive, we can not transform.’ We can not be unburdened, if we hold to grudges or injustice. This doesn’t mean we have to like the injustice or be ignorant of it. It simply means we do not allow the injustice to damn us. We let it be what it is or was, sending it the same blessing of healing, and freedom, which you are gifting yourself, within the surrendered allowance of what is.

Coming back to the word ‘authenticity.’ I believe in each moment of our existence everything we experience, is on some level in an authentic state which is only made up of potential. And in my opinion, and experience being in a state of simply potential, is one of the most solemn blissful states to be in. You can live, love, loose, and mourn, keeping in awareness always, that at your core all your experiencing is really in its authentic state, only untouched possibility. You do not need to be at the end of your rope before releasing the struggle or to ‘give up,’ and receive the precious gift of still potential you already are. No material thing, no wrong made right, no anything is more fulfilling then this state of simply allowing yourself to be done. You’ve arrived congratulations! ;-p

Much love always



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