What is “TRUTH?”

What is “TRUTH?”

There was a discussion yesterday about; ‘Truth.’ It’s often said to follow the truth, to be true, and such. But, what is the truth?

In many cases the truth is just someone’s interpretation or opinion of reality. The way I see the ‘Truth,’ is this; the allowing of what is, in each moment. So to say that in my interpretation of truth, truth is a living thing. And that to quietly except things as they are, allowing ourselves to see things for what they are, in each moment, may be the closest thing to the truth a human being can get.

Keeping in mind this is only my opinion on the matter, and I believe it prudent each individual find there own connection to what the truth within oneself is. I see the key to this as being ‘sincerity,’ coming to look honesty into our own eternal eyes, with compassion, and a desired intent to see into the Heart of our existence.

Understanding that this practice of looking deeply into our own being, with probity, is most likely the most arduous, and most rewarding venture, all at the same time, that we as sentient beings could ever partake in. It means breathing deeply our suffering, our regrets, our doubts, into our center, and finding it to exhale the pure breath of liberation from within this point of Holy connection to authenticity.

Benediction: The Pure Alchemy of the holy breath, within undivided presence be with you.

Much Love always



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