We did it!

Just for the record, I’m leaving my decorations up into the new year, maybe even longer, we shall see. 🙂

We’ve made it through the Holiday splendor, and begin to move into a new count of the year. For some this time, I’m sure, was a wonderful experience, and I know for some it was a difficult passing. As it was a formidable practice not to over identify with momentary situations, or experiences. May healing embrace you as we allow ourselves a little distance now from identity, things become easier, and healing occurs more fluidly. We can also do this by shifting our caring toward others, and simply sending good feelings toward individuals or whole groups/ societies. We can also choose to fully allow ourselves to experience what we are going through, with the same compassion we would offer another, giving ourselves what it is we most need. Both in there good and proper dosage would most likely be best.

Either way this is a great time, to consider making decisions which are more aligned with our inner truth. Decision that feel good to us. Taking a stand inwardly on some things, and truly allow for growth and wholesome change to occur, individually, and as a whole. So if your new year is planned to be within a throng and a bang, or a solemn time alone, keep in mind we are all connected, and none is ever truly alone. That the experience you are having echoes out for all, send out waves of wellbeing, currents of comfort, oh and tidings of joy as well. (hmm sort of re-assorted the original lyrics there but you get my point.)

I know a lot of us are already doing the great work, and I’d like to send my most sincere appreciation in acknowledgment of your impetus and courage to do so. As we create ourselves as being more whole, more true, more sincere inside we support all of creations movement into an ever more salubrious state.

May your movement into the times to come be ones of such wholesome comfort. Feel loved and supported in all things, because you are. I promise 🙂

Till next time


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