Connecting with the Holiday-spirit of pure transformation.

Present shopping tip: Trying is done within the convolutions of a desperate mind, the taking of proper action or dreaming is a happening within a pure spirit.

In life it is not always about getting out of a situation we dislike. But, about truly looking inside ourselves, facing and transforming our inner triggers, or apparent frailties within the situation. The answer is growing truly, and transforming. This is the path which will make you the individual, you’ve been longing to be.

We do not have to be so very strong to do this. It is more a strength in inner integrity, a staying on the path of our truth. A clearing of the unsavory impulses, spun and warped perceptions, specious veils before the pure essence betwixt it all.

How do we know what we are acting on? There are trade marks for the path we walk. We know truth by experiencing the embrace of compassion, humbleness, meekness, power that needs no glorifying. It is known to us, by the lack of everything else within the experience but still pure love. Anything less then this would still be something with a personalized agenda, a story, characterization of sorts on some level, however minute. The pure essence feels only like truth resounding throughout all experiences, and into presence. On some level we ought to begin by examining, and coming to terms with ourselves, starting a practice of noticing our feelings. It is hard to feel, or notice anything when we create a life which avoids contact of meaningful ‘feeling,’ experiences. Truth is we can mask ourselves, our feelings, our senses, however escape them utterly we can not. We do all sorts of things to escape and get away, but still after a time we end up right where we left off. Do the inner work, clear the path, and begin embracing our sacred eternal nature. As we begin to explore these inner aspects of ourselves, we are asked by a very sacred voice; ‘why do you assume that’s true?’ When the inside becomes clear, you will know truth from fiction, however on the way into clarity, here are some guidelines to ease the journey:

Guidelines for truth:

1.Do you sense compassion, the expression of enigmatic-love, wholesome comfort of resolution, liberation, or the potential there of?

2.Do you sense a personalized agenda? Truth is free of agendas.

3.Is it open to allowing you, embracing the whole of you, ‘as is?’ Truth embraces all things as they are, the pure spirit turns from no one.

4.Is there an air of infinite patients? Truth never has need to rush you.

So as the Holidays move along, consider challenges throughout as gifts of transformation. That it is not so much about getting out of a situation, but to transform first the way we are trigger by it to feel a certain unwanted way. Look at it, feel it, allow it, and also allow it to pass, as we open our hearts, and minds for transformation into pure truth, which always feels good at heart.

Blessings throughout the Holidays, much love.


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