Better be good!

It would seem for most of us that the Holiday preparations of cookies, and decorative trimmings are well on there way. This to be in my opinion, a non-denominational all inclusive time of celebrating, the most sacred aspect of our existence, ‘arcane, divine-love.’ A remembrance of wholesome compassion, and what it feels like to embody such qualities. I understand that many hold religious rights around this time, and I think that’s wonderful. I personally just always look for things which we all can agree on. Let’s face it, sadly many belief systems are at odds within there minutia. I like to think that the potential we have for feeling love, and caring for one another is something we can all agree is a good thing to celebrate. And I do truly look forward to a time, in which we can put aside our differences, and begin to celebrate our commonalities within this beautiful life current we all bathe in.

Those who care to join me in this re-communication of our humanity, let’s begin together within our very selves. Let’s make it a goal to bring compassion into areas of our hearts which have become cold, and barren. Let’s make it a goal to creat a sanctuary of goodness within our very selves, let us nurture this space inside, to overflowing. Let this inner joy for the sake of Loves doing, overflow in song, and inner prayer for all to look inside to find this space of wholesome arcane-love. Let us as individuals experience tangibly this inner existence. May it be felt in such poignance of a propitious sense of reuniting with our truth, that it becomes our life’s goal to uphold with integrity our inner virtues.

If all I ever had written or spoken was nonsensical, would it not still make sense, to make creating the most wholesome life for ourselves, and our world the most important goal of all?

It all starts inside, take this broom of golden white holiday light, and clean, and transform into your hearts content.

Much love everyone

Nic 😉


Beautiful glowing-‘arcane symbols‘ orbit the Tip-Jar!  (Ooh,,, how auspicious.)

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