Wholesome Holiday Courage

—Speak your truth, walk your path, inside and out let your voice sound…—

Let us journey into a courage beyond courage, a valiance unshakable, ineffable as we bathe in the virtues of our truth. A courage beyond trying to be courageous. You see when we find our truth, unfolding from out of our center, the prime virtues become the norm, and courage simply is a state of truth within its nature. Courage is not something to be acquired, but something to be recognized as inherent wholesome nature. Courage is truth, and its blade is inexorably keen within the Heart-mind of pure existence.
When we try to control, or to force, there is a core belief within that has lost its faith, and connection to the whole, or authentic self. Here courage is a thing to be acquired, and that often at great cost. When we fight ourselves, we fight ourselves. True courage, β€˜in my opinion,’ is to clear the path inside, and let wholesome courage be by nature ever by your side.

Much love always
yours in words, music, health and more…

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