The Shadow Work

The Shadow Work

The following is a comment which was left under one of my Blogs;

“It is interesting to experience the deep connection to love in the heart and then feel a disconnect and hollowness and it seems so real.”

I agree it is very interesting happening, so much so that I had a few thoughts that came to me:

I believe the hollowness can feel real because there are aspects of us, which arise within, that very much feel disconnected and hollow. The work is to open our hearts and extend our hands/ intentions with blessings to resolve or reunite these aspects with their parent source. By Blessings I mean; to allow compassion, understanding, and all intended wholesome goodness to flow through you from our hearts connection to our personal source. Bathing these insalubrious aspects in the Golden light of sincerity, and healing.

You see, I believe it’s not so much about asking why or looking for something. I believe it’s more about seeing what there is, and making the spaces we don’t feel so salubrious about, into the greatest wonder we’ve ever seen. In some way I don’t think that this is something we actually do in the sense of it being an undertaking- or forceful matter. It is really just watching these things arise, allowing them their voice, and finding a way inside ourselves, to open into their resolve, to grow, learn, and become able to send these experiences sincere clarity. You see, if you are in a space where you can whole heartedly allow a true blessing to move through you, then the healing has already happened. And you will feel the truth of this healing, within yourself as something very tangible.

To those who find this all to sound a little to lofty or spiritual, claptrap- malarkey whatever. I assure you, if you gave some of these ideas an honest try, you’d be certain to find them anything but. And more then that, facing the things we’d rather leave behind, may be the only real key to growing into a more fulfilling life. You see if our emotions are anchored within an experience we had, then we can’t by nature leave those experiences behind without leaving a part of our very selves behind. So in resolving the emotional anchor or charge which ties us, we regain apart of ourselves which is then once again returned into being positive internal energy. We see the world now with different eyes, we feel it through a more undivided- wholesome heart, and we impact it then with the more prime intention of self-responsible freedom and Love.

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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