The We within the I

Lets begin this with Lyrics from a song I had written many years back:


You and me, move this life like a symphony,

Your eyes, like the sweetest melody.

And I will always save for you,

a warm space for you,

In my Heart.

You and me… move this life like a symphony…

(Recording/ video coming soon!)


The title of this Blog catalyzed by a friend of mine. The conversation went something like this:

Nic asks; “So, how are things going with the ladies?”

Friend replies; “There’s no going with the ladies, I’m so tired of it all.”

Nic recalls a recent conversation about the concept of we vs’ I, and asks: “Hmm, well where is the we in that?”

Friend answers with an oh so witty repartee; “The we is in the I, as in the I am much happier without the we.”

Nic, begins to chuckle which evolves into an all out can’t stop laughing, rolling on the floor holding my stomach because it hurts so, session. ;-p

I’m not intending this to be specifically analogous or relating to intimate relationships. It’s just that I found what my friend said to have some very silly, but enlightening humor interwoven within the context. Probably everyone has had the feeling of just wanting to turn away, escaping to be alone on some island without anybody. If we did have this opportunity, I believe over time, we would find a whole new appreciation for the interactions, and meanings we hold in relation to one another. Even the wholly enlightened only appear to be alone, happy in solitude. In truth on some level they are really so deep in communion with the whole of all things within, that in truth this can hardly be considered solitude. On some level it is more of an excepting, and a sinking into all the ‘we,’ within the I.

What I really am pointing at is the experience of being an individual, while at the same time on some level being the singularity of all the many we’s. Sort of like that saying, which has become quite popular; “we are the ocean within a drop.” What I mean by this is that within each piece of existence, if we allow ourselves to see, we will find the whole of existence. This is simply because, ‘pure truth is indivisible.’ Each piece of a well blended loaf of bread contains everything which constitutes the whole loaf. When we take a bite, each bite tastes as the whole loaf. Some things (probably all things) even when broken up, are really still whole by the very nature of its indivisible truth. Pure Love is always equally potent, no matter how many pieces you break it into. I believe this is part of the unraveling paradox we live in, a piece of a holy-truth at heart, is as is, even if infinitely divided.

There is a singularity found within the we, upon synergy, which is even more fun (or awe inspiring) then the concept of ‘I alone.’-

The idea of ‘We,’ does not need to mean being part of duality consciousness. We can be a we that through compassion exists without animosity or opposition to one another. So as a whole we create a great, pleasant to look at tapestry in place of a battle field, a symphony in place of a cacophony.

But, it goes deeper then that still. Many believe there is only themselves, they are soul arbiter and God in one. Some believe in direct contra that God is supreme ruler, and they are simply meek followers. To me neither makes for a very harmonious ‘We,’ together as a symphony :).

Consider the perfect synergy of co-creation, wherein something of we, could still be considered as autogenous. That there is a we, which makes up the singularity of I. I suppose what I’m getting at possibly is this; That the whole of the I, is by nature all that is as one being. Its inherent aspects being that which we would consider or name ‘souls.’ Souls in this context being, aspects of the Great-whole. So the whole, and its aspects, the souls, are one and the same by nature.

So,,, “baby you and me… make up the I within the we, knowing no ennui, into endless dreaming symphonies!”

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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