We do this all day

-When  something is done devotionaly all day long, there is little need for practice prior to execution.-

An interesting happening arose a few days back, and it invoked a recalling in nostalgia, of something one of my first and most precious masters/ sifu’s, in the arts had said to me once;

We don’t need to practice this stuff, we do this all day.

This was in reference to an upcoming, video demonstration which was in the works. I understand that many people, do love to write things down and choreograph etc. Certainly for movies and such, where actors need appear to be performing at a certain level, this surly can be a great tool.

However the way this martial art unfolds is very different in the respect that it does not start here and end there. It is an unfolding, as natural as life itself. So to choreograph a depiction of it would not truly represent its core fundamental truth or value, since it is an in the moment happening. Responding naturally to whatever it is that arises from each moment to the next. This being the very heart or epithet of the art. Furthermore the response arises out of the same inner source/resource, which brought about the happening.

So, the closer the response is in proximity to source, the more the happening ensues the perfect dance, in a returning to itself.-

I do recall how odd and in many ways difficult it was for me to understand this way of functioning in a rhythmic flow, rather then set movements and patterns which I was taught, early on from the local Karate schools or programs at the YMCA etc. Also schooling in many ways taught the art of writing things down, and preparing set ways of doing things etc. When we would present school reports in front of a class, it would be mostly prepared stuff on index cards and so on. Most of these teachings were just very ridged, not much like flowing water, as good ol’Bruce Lee taught. ;-p Luckily I met my sifu early enough in life, to not have created to well grooved habits which relied on ridged preparation, rather then simple devotion to your chosen art. There is that word again devotion, when you are truly devoted to something, when it becomes what you do naturally, there is no planing needed. It simply is what you do, a way that you are or function everyday anyways.

Over the years I’ve been able to apply these very rudimentary teachings, to better everything in my life. I used it’s applications when learning instruments, when cooking, talking with people, and of course at the very center of it all, the very exploration of the unfolding or flowering heart of the moment.

-It is of pure sincerity to say; that some truths are simply so very fundamental, that they arises solely from out of our very parent source, which resides within us, as us. This source can be experienced very directly by the simple deed of noticing, listening, and becoming aware of the puissance which resides within the magic (leverage) of subtlety.-

In dedication and the most wholesome appreciation for this teaching, and more, go to; Punong Guro Tom Bolden Founder of American Modern Arnis.

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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