Book Sniffer

Enamored with the smell of old books?

I once asked a friend if she wanted to know what magic smells like. She nodded and I took out a book from an old novel collection, fanning its pages which lambently buffeted her nose, saying “this is exactly what magic smells like.” She gave me an odd, perplexed look, shook her head and went on about her business. Ok, fine so not everyone gets it, but those who do will know exactly what I’m talking about here.

Really if you haven’t fallen in love with the scent of old books, I highly recommend giving it a valiant go. After many sniffs, you can almost tell the year of the book by the smell. Like the real old ones with the pages that start to turn yellowish have a smell all there own. Moving on to the ones which are a few years old, like 10-15 years old are probably my favorite, the newly printed ones not so much. The new ones haven’t been around long enough to encompass a proper spectrum of smelliness. :p

When reading older books with the wafting scent of magic which arises from the pages, you can’t help but feel entranced. It’s as if within that scent, every story ever read or fantasy written comes to life, stirring befitting feelings which enigmatically fill the moment.

The reason I bring this up, is; 1. because its fantastic and 2. its one of those gateways, where the great mystery can be appreciated and loved ‘as a mystery.’ The feeling of awe, when face to face with such enigmatic feelings is simply breath taking. Yes, sniffing books takes my breath away, you had me at hallo. Hahah.

Now wether you needed to have been an ardent reader with prior well formed ‘book- scent neuro-passages’ (yes I did just say that) before your first actual sniff in order to experience this, or wether it’s really just that smell that is so special? I don’t know. Or maybe it really is just me, lol, though I don’t think it is because I’ve heard of at least 2 others whom share in this peculiar phenomenon. Maybe someone out there has the answer for this perplexing question? You maybe? Well, either way I would love to hear, your thoughts on the whole book sniffing concept, feel inspired to share in the comments below, talk then.

Either way I do hope i’ve been cogent enough to at least spark your curiosity, to pick up the nearest book for a good page fanning sniff. Who knows it may become a new, not to be made so very public, hobby of yours.

Coming soon: “The return of the Book sniffer.” And, “The book sniffer strikes back.”

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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2 thoughts on “Book Sniffer

  1. inspiritaction

    This made me laugh, got tears in my eyes. Not sure if it is because I am wondering whether you are fooling with us or the fact that you are serious. 😀 It is so funny!! I am glad you are enjoying it :)! Awww I am still laughing. This is great!

    Liked by 1 person

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