The Great wellspring

The Great wellspring

So many commanders with not enough connection or sincere desire for the truth of things, over the fulfillment of what one thinks is needed.

You will find those with a deep inner connection to the whole of things, aka themselves, do not so much command, they bless, allowing the energy, as nature itself to regulate what is truly needed, for the good of all. These things are of the heart, and are by nature ‘of pure intent’ for the good of things. When we with our compromised will command something, we may to some degree, depending on what we are willing to trade, receive what we are so ardently willing. Sadly here there is often a price, such as ones own health etc.

God or true self, in my experience, does not command, it loves, it allows, and gently nudges, each being to choose, and unfold for good.-

In all honesty someone who is in pure connection to the whole, sees that commanding something is simply silly. This person would recognize it’s own sovereignty in alignment with the sovereignty of all things, as his/her own. Commanding is often done from the individual meandering self which somewhere in there thinks it’s such a great being, healer, or manifester whatever, so great as to know better then the whole. Or is in the delusion, of thinking it is commanding the will of the whole. I have found the will of the whole commands itself just fine. You will find in any great story true magicians or wielders of the Great life that is, rarely use magic to fix, or clean, etc. They use there wisdom in connection to the way of things. If miracles or magics are worked, they are the pure life force acting through the individual, whom humbles his/her ego, or individual self for the greater good. These are the miracles which will be true and lasting, carrying no repercussions. Repercussions I believe are somehow activated by the very nature of things, in order to balance or reveal the truth within falsities.

I believe when our compromised or convoluted wills align with the greater whole, we find the greater whole to know us better then we do ourselves. When the work is done, we will be in awe, seeing it done better then we could have ever even fantasized.

“So does this all mean you may never have what you truly want?”

I was just sort of feeling that some may think this, after what I had just written. The answer I believe is simple;

The hearts longings are of life itself, they are what is wanting to flourish within you to pour through you, and into the life that is. If we but allow these things to unfold, keeping our controlling hand out, natural unfoldment occurs. Commanding something is almost what happens, when trust or faith in the natural flow of life intelligence, is lost.

I understand that in order to release control one would truly have to feel a good and wholesome connection with life (God, universe, lalalalal, which ever appellation feels right and good to you). So I do understand the need to feel in control, and to want to claim oneself as all powerful. And on some level I believe this is a stepping stone of the souls desire to break free. Sort of like how anger can be a cathartic stepping stone, as a release into relaxation. Let me bring some ease here, when I say ‘faith in life,’ what I mean is ‘faith in the inner most core,’ the rudimentary part of our own being. I mean to come into a place of clarity within oneself. To truly, wholly, and sincerely get to know ones own heart. Not just as a fine little adage, but as something very real, that we can always turn to. Something that knows us so well, that we can just melt into it, and be soothed as the well spring or the fountain of ‘all things awesome bathes us whole. (Sorry I could have said, of the eternal, of love, of the true self or other such things, but I needed to bring some scintillating refreshment into this. Awesome is always a fun word. 😉

I know my heart, I feel its value, I sense its connection and desire for all to see and bathe in the freedom within the inherent currents of ever renewing life. So for me I have to say I can’t not trust our source, because I feel and know its intent, within the very center of my heart where love resides. There is something so very special about our hearts, and the feelings therein. Something which, when we pay close attention, goes far beyond the physical heart, which beats perfectly for us, viscerally by nature. It is a foreshadowing of the glorious beings we are, if we could but listen, just a little closer, releasing our vicious claws of control over our truths, and rather release and see the truth, as is, we all would be renewed by the sincerity of the Great wellspring within each of us.

-You are by nature, the dreamer, the endowed wielder of the eternal powers, it would be wise to see the whole- clear picture in connection to the sincere self when wielding such, in a conscious awareness of co-creation with a source inside which sees the whole picture.-

My prayer is; “Let each being find and bathe in it’s own inner goodness of the heart or core.”

To be continued, “The Great We within the I.” The power of we within the I, as we embrace the great I, which is the we… (“Wait what did he just say???” ahaha 🙂

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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12 thoughts on “The Great wellspring

  1. inspiritaction

    Perfect timing again. Thank you for your beautiful worlds.. typo: words I meant.

    It is interesting to experience the deep connection to love in the heart and then feel a disconnect and hollowness and it seems so real.

    Beautiful reminder about control and the commanding aspect.

    Love your posts. Thank you for sharing your insights.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NicolasHeartmann

      Hey Kate,
      Thx so much, I was just perusing some of your Blogs. Very fun, creative, and (of course lets not forget) ‘awesome.’ Love the tiny Home!
      Much love
      Nic 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. NicolasHeartmann

        Hey, it’s my real name, thx. Your actually the only person who has ever abbreviated it right. Usually everyone writes it with a ‘K.’ ;-p
        I really Love your site, you have so much going on!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. NicolasHeartmann

        Haha, the Blogger that left a message right above yours here, lives in Australia also.

        Yhea, you actually inspired me to add a separate category, for Blogs featuring Guest writers. Thx for that 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. NicolasHeartmann

        Yes, I had read into it a bit, totally fantastic! I love how your inspired to bring the Blogger community closer. Also I entered one of your Prompts 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoyed reading this and I think I will subscribe, however I’m confused on how I got over here… I got a notification saying you linked one of my blogs into this and I don’t see that anywhere haha, not that I’m complaining, just not sure how it happened

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yhea, I noticed that, I believe it was from a link that I used for a daily prompt. But then decided not to, because it became to much, still figuring out the technical aspects of wordpress. Either way, very happy to connect, and glad you enjoyed the Blog. My turn, going to check out some of your work. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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