Scintillating Clarity.

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Master Faith and Clarity of the inner Heart first, then radiate out from there.

I find that in dark and troubled moments, we can feel a great need for answers. Looking to an aspect of Life for answers, in which there may be no questions. Deep questions, that have puzzled and enthralled the most genius, and puissant of minds. Basic fundamentals, such as;

“How can Life be Love, having born us knowing we would suffer dark times?”

In all honesty I feel its one of those questions, which seeks an answer ‘which can not be,’ or is not. Something which will unravel and reveal itself, simply, as we progress on the path of returning to our truth at heart within clarity. Meaning to enter a state of being, wherein we can see things simply as they are.

Seeking answers with a mind, which does any less then see things exactly as they are, can hardly be trusted for a wholesome conclusion.-

So what I am suggesting is, instead of seeking answers, strive to master the great virtues, faith and clarity of the heart within first.

How do we get to a place where we could ever just see things as they are?

If we could allow, just simply allow things as they are, we come ever closer to seeing them in the light of wholesome truth. Deepening evermore as we allow, as we let go. Further-on into ever greater clarity, and deeper understandings into ‘the way of things.’ When entering these spaces many questions which plagued us prior, somehow dissipate or dwarf in the awareness ‘of.’ When we become to hardened by our experiences, to intransigent in relation to our true inner nature or life, we enter a conundrum which simply cannot resolve itself.

I feel if desiring at all, we ought desire compassion, greater understanding, and a reconciliation with all our parts. It may very well be that the zenith of seeking is as a door with an ancient lock, perfectly aligned for the key of compassion, to open the door and unravel the mystery.

Love is the deepening answer to all riddles, bringing us into a space of clarity, where all is apparent. A place of auspicious scintillation.-

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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2 thoughts on “Scintillating Clarity.

    1. NicolasHeartmann

      And so the magic begins,,, So, Beautiful a space when the paradox unfolds into peace! Much love writegardener, and thx so much for sharing, always appreciated. 🙂

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