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Devotional work

Devotional work is done in love, it is not bound to outcome, but embraces the experience of itself as enough. It is already valued like gold, as is, in each moment.

Devotional work is the kind of undertaking which you would do anyways, regardless of return. It comes from an inner fountain, which overflows to lend impetus to limbs and mind. It is the sort of thing you do simply in service to the whole. And as a further understanding that to serve the whole is in fact, service to your larger self.

A child who draws a picture, in a sort of trans going through deep states of transformation, and through its natural expressions serves, and blesses all it touches. The child loves what it does, it would draw the picture regardless, because it loves to draw, create, and express itself. There is a nurturing treasure in the very doing, where the outcome is really just an extra.

When things are done from this stand point of expression, the outcome is something indeed very precious. When things are done sincerely in love and service, the harvest is of a purely concentrated potency, invaluable.

Devotional practice or work is a praising of the pure spirit which resides within us all. It is there at the core, no matter how far into the storm we have wondered, turned wayward or how nebulous our sight, it is the emanating center. It is seen, and felt clearly when we dislodge our concentration anchored in ‘all else.’ Removing ‘all else’ is in this sense a surrendering, a letting go of. When we let go of, what remains is the unshakable, inexorable pure essence of our existence. And this essences being is truly, wholly, and purely devotional by nature.

So in fact Devotional work, is a path which aligns us with the return journey ever closer to our parent source.

I ask our hearts be healed fully, so we all may express clearly; life-love-beauty.

I had asked one of my mentors, dear brother and, friend ‘Charles Robinson,’ to write a little bit on this subject. I felt it felicitous since he is one of the root catalysts for this Blog, and a paragon of devotion. Without further ado,,, 🙂

Devotional work begins to explore aspects of our consciousness that supports increased levels of well-being and balance. As a devotional yogi I have come to realize that having a deep appreciation for everything is the pathway to freedom and liberation from the bonds of suffering that are caused by rejection of the what is . As we relax into New aspects of our consciousness we’re able to find parts of ourself that has become lost in the world of illusion and confusion created by a restless mind that is trying constantly to control the outcome.

-Rev. Charles Robinson– Founder of Kai-Chi-Do-

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Nicolas G. Heartmann

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