The one ‘Moment.’

The one moment.

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The one moment where everything changes, the one moment in which nothing has ever changed, the one moment that knows only its own truth as truth.-

I would like to write a bit more about the idea of ‘this moment,’ where the past and the future becomes like silly-puddy (yup, remember that stuff, haha). It’s such a miraculous subject, with so much propitious potential, it really can’t be spoken or written about enough.

If you’ve never given the concept of there being only ever one great moment, I highly recommend it. Consider this; there really is only one moment we can ever be in, the same moment we have always been in. That when we get to the future, it will be this moment. When we had lived in the past, it too was this moment. Removing your thoughts from anything outside of this moment frees you. The full immersion into the now of existence, frees your future potential to being basically anything.

But more then that; when you holy allow this moment to expand and become everything to you. There is an experience of personal expansion, with untold storehouses of treasures to be found. It truly is ‘where the rainbow ends, to become the pure gold of Love.’

Notice how, your worries, your fears, your regrets, all such feelings are rooted in places that no longer, or do not yet exist, past or future. So in one sense all things are happening right now.

Difficult concept to actually become experientially wise to, given our boundaries of perception. Yet in the experience of this one beautiful moment existing in total liberation, many perceptions shift to become more and more encompassing, of further potentials.

When the blessings of the moment are present, when you have immersed yourself into this unfolding experience, only joy and reverent awe is felt. All else falls to the wayside. It is as though in this singularity of timeless time, past or future no longer hold impetus or stimulus over thought feeling or action in the now. Out of the now only another now emerges, so we could say; it is a return to the epicenter-core of truth. This is why, I feel it’s considering to be of such value.

I’d like to conclude this Blog with a quote, from one of my favorite Mentors: “The time we spend, is to get here. Once we are here, in a place of inner peace, there is no reason to leave.”Rev. Charles Robinson.-

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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