Thank you!

Thank you!

I’d like to dedicate this Blog of appreciation, to all the new friends and inspiring writers I’ve run across on WordPress, Facebook, as well as many other very diverse writers and lovers of life all over the net. In some way it truly is a little miracle, how so many people now have the ability to connect with one another, through these platforms. Sure there may be some things in the net, which we do not wholly align with, but just as it is in life, there is this wonderful unfollow button. ;-p Let it come, let it go, you remain untouched at the center of it all, the center of your ‘all that you are aka Soul.’ The following ‘of,’ ever a choice which is your own.

Let’s allow ourselves, lets grant ourselves insouciantly to be, to feel, to experience each moment, as the winds of life moves this sacred happening. Together or apart, always one with each other, connected within this grandiose life transpiring.

Let’s allow ourselves the remembrance, our birthright to sink ever deeper into the vast oceans of untouched love, within this space between spaces. It’s really almost beyond even the concepts of this one moment. It is a space even smaller, even more potent. The opening which is found, when fully experiencing and allowing this moment. Not as a concept but as a holy sacred truth, within the very center, beyond even the center of our being. I’m pendulating to say beyond the center because, as I experience it, it is really beyond concepts. Though the concept of ‘the holy center,’ probably comes as close as any concept can come.

I have truly enjoyed sharing myself through words, and music with everyone. And am looking forward to further doing so, and much more in the times to come. To celebrate, lets see what sort of Lyrics or poem I can come up with for us: (hmm, lets see,,,)

Song of the sound-self:

As the wind sings its song,

Saddened because of missing you so,

As the wind sings its song,

allow its caress, then to pass off the morn,

into grace no less.

Remembering times, we flew together,

in love through the currents of passing ages,

with one another,

the still winds song,

we sing our hymn,

as blessings regaling all existence,

with sincerity let us embrace this holy moment.

Looking forward to this; soon to come, ‘E-book’: “Inspirational collection of words.” (Title is still in transition. ;-p)

With deep appreciation for all you are, much Love everyone and Thank you for you!

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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