Intellectual into Devotional

Intellectual into Devotional.

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As I was falling asleep last night, I thought to myself how these subjects are kind of funny; specially from a perspective of someone not so familiar with it. As much as I do try to stay comprehensible, I find myself often unknowingly slipping into more devotional writing. The thing about this is that the devotional aspect is really out of experience and can only be truly understood, when experienced. Where as the intellectual part is something one can add up,,, it is however only part of a greater potential of experience. It really seems to reach a point where the intellect, becomes unnecessarily complicated, when seen side by side with the simplicity of devotional expression. So long as the ideas remain in the minds intellect, the experience of further awareness becomes veiled and virtually unattainable. The intellect is maintained by us through such a ridged state, where it is rendered to slow to change and keep up with life’s, ever malleable state.

And there we are a perfect example of what I was talking about. When I speak out of the devotional experience, it just becomes something the intellect may never be able to understand. And yet this does not make it unreal, it simply makes it something that can not be understood, do to its formless and unbound nature. But it may be experienced, and then seen and well understood in all.

The mind gets lag in the translation of the devotional experience. The more we hold onto things, the greater the lag becomes.-

By the way, when I say devotional practice I don’t mean something, so grand, holy moly or whatever. I mean this to be translated into anything one participates in with life. Any job, sport, art anything one could really imagine. All these things begin to really take off and flourish, when we become very devotional toward them. Where they become a practice of the heart, rather then just a mind thing. Sure you practice and learn concepts and techniques etc. But, in application, things start to become really awesome when we immerse ourselves fully with devotion of the heart into our craft. So again, its not really some hokus-pokus thing, but a sincere experiential truth of our being.

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5 thoughts on “Intellectual into Devotional

  1. inspiritaction

    „..things start to become really awesome when we immerse ourselves fully with devotion of the heart into our craft.“

    I will hang this quote up on our kitchen shelf.

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  2. Not just beautiful tho…. moreso. Immersion of whole self as in metaphorical “cleansing yourself in the waters” and repeating it Day in and day out… and believing in the cause and at the end of the day complete satisfaction or at a minimum, the directional goal one is driving is attained. “The pursuit of happiness??” Isn’t that what this action is called?

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  3. You explained this dichotomy quite well, Nicolas. I came to this understanding through meditation where I just sit quietly and notice when and what thoughts arise and then vanish. Over the years this practice has seeped into my whole life where I begin to notice when I am talking when I should be listening instead. That kind of thing. I dabble with visual arts sometimes and find that meditative as well. Sounds like you DO know what you are talking about on this topic. You might enjoy this blog I’ve been following for a few years, Raptitude. David Cain, the author writes on this topic once a month or so.

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