Enchanting Naps

Enchanting Naps

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Is there anything more powerful then those wonderful little afternoon naps? Probably not, they may very well be one of the most amazing and beneficial undertakings one may partake in. Like an oasis betwixt the rise and descending of the day. To allow ourselves those 15minutes to just let go, and melt into the space between, into insouciant being. The space between the sounds, weaving, sacred into a dream like symphony.

It’s a most wonderful practice. I do understand it is difficult for some to fully slip into this momentary release or liberation. Keep in mind we are part creatures of habit. And I do feel the practice of ‘proper napping’ is a very pleasant, and easy coming habitude to cultivate.

I recall my grandfather, telling me about how important his naps are to him. He explained it as; the moments in life where you have thoughts or dreams that are worth having. And I couldn’t agree more, the thoughts in this lucid tranquil state are truly heavenly, and more so with daily practice. Of which my grandpa surely has gotten plenty of practice in, I would say he is a ‘nap master.’ ;-p

Let me conclude this little ceremony of words with some song lyrics.

“Surender to the dream, it can save you

Embraces the dream, it can heal you

Because its always, just been you here.”

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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One thought on “Enchanting Naps

  1. I liked this Nicolas. It reminded me of the time I lived in Spain. Naps are a necessary part of their day, and while I thought…HOW do they get anything done? They are eating, and napping from 2-5. And the truth is they are so happy and stay up late into the night, because they are rested. It is a culture I miss. Your grandpa would have fit right in. Donna

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