Rainy day regaling

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Rainy day regaling

It was a quiet rainy afternoon today in the Gym, which I go to from time to time. Yes,,, I do go to the gym lol ;-p. Anyhow back to the point here. It was a quiet day with few people. There was one older gentlemen whom I exchange greetings with whenever we pass each other. On this fine sodden day the subject was of course, ‘the weather.’ We spoke about how each of us felt toward natures outdoors- ostentatious display of water mastery, and such pleasantries. I mentioned how I was looking forward to when the heat and humidity ebbs again.

He looked at me and said, “Oh,,, it’s ok how it is now, the weather in here is always the same.” Pointing to his heart.

I returned with a similar gesture of placing my hand over my heart and said; “It sure is, it sure is.”

We both exchanged deep heart felt smiles. And I was very surprised at the depth of emotion that can be expressed between people we hardly know. In one beautiful moment of synced understanding.

At first I had thought he just meant, the weather inside the air conditioned fitness studio. But when he pointed with his hand to his heart and smiled, I knew it was something much deeper. And more meaningful still, it was a message which I felt like I really needed to hear.

Just another lovely rainy day upon which the great enigmatic energy of life, speaks to and through each other, as little reminders, kind unheard whispers, the meaning between words into the heart of one another.

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Nicolas G. Heartmann

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