15 degrees into Sanctity

The ‘not knowing’ is a greater knowing then any knowing may ever be. Here our cup is empty to receive the blessings of truth, from life itself, as is.

When we bow to receive the blessings of the masters, we bow 15 degrees. When a flower turns its face to the sun, it too bows 15 degrees. Were the flower to bow its head, to low, it could not receive the blessings of sun light. I believe this also chimes as true applied to our inner experiences.

There is a great difference, I believe, between submission and surrender.

To fully receive self truth, we ought experience ourselves as worthy enough and not stoop to low, lest we miss it all. Same it is if we did not bow to acknowledge in appreciation, to honor the life within another as our own, we too then would miss it. Our heads raised to high to the sky, to see the wonders before us. So let the lowest low, and the highest high, come to meet us within the sanctum of equanimity as brothers, as sisters, as family, friends within the nimbus of compassion and sincere understanding for each other, and the paths we have chosen.

Ps: Keeping in mind 15 degrees is just something symbolically used here, for a concept or reference frame. You could also call it, a smidget above to far below. (being silly) ;-p

Side Note: I’m really enjoying these quick Blogs :-p. What a great idea I had there 🙂 (sometimes you just have to give yourself a little praise ahaha.) It leaves me more freedom without the pressure of making things to finished. Thank you for reading!


Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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