Growing, dying, dead, eternal.

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Your either growing or your dead.

A few weeks back a mentor of mine made a funny comment on something someone said. Retelling the exchange, it went about like this:

“,,,so your either growing or your dying.” (Meaning life is never in a standstill.)

The reverent slid in a quick smile and a slightly facetious repartee saying. “Yes, your either growing or your dead.”

I found this all super interesting, how the statement on its own may appear very false. However in conjunction or the context in which it was conceived, was quite enlightening.

Meaning; Even in the degenerative process of our bodies, we are still, believe it or not ;-p, growing. The body may not be growing, but, the true self inside is very much learning and growing within the bodies cycle. If we allow ourselves to properly consider this, it also opens the door to the idea, that at days end, ‘ there is simply more to us then just our bodies.’

-So to ever not be in a state of growing or learning, we would literally have to be dead or void of personal awareness.-

Fun side note: Personally I don’t even believe in the necessity for the Body to age or dilapidate. I feel that under the present circumstances in which most of us live; meaning the way we feel about life, its potentials, and also the many negative habits we harbor, may very well be the cause of our becoming feeble. It may be that, under different circumstances, our Bodies could potentially reach unpredictable ages.

-What do you think? (Comment below, would love to hear your thoughts and insights on all this and more…)-

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2 thoughts on “Growing, dying, dead, eternal.

  1. Unless I could find a colony of likemindedness which would not die before my own time at a much more progressive rate than my own…. it’s futile to invest my own capacity and energy fantasizing inside of. Reason being, the people and living creatures of this world (life itself) is what makes it a valueable place to be on and a part of. It’s the only reason I remain here.

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  2. Oddly this came up today in a debate with my family on the fantasy fiction topic of Zombies. I came back to this blog and since my last read I have become moreso awakened. Not that I want to imagine zombies and how scientifically a zombie is capable of moving on its on, but yeah I thought twice. What if?? What if we were all on the same page in the future and could live much much longer lives than we do now. Then I came across this : “Scientific consciousness is the quantitative-driven consciousness of capitalist commodity exchange, which eschews qualitative or irrational values for rational and quantitative ones. ” Basically in a nutshell, THE CREED OF GREED. This is how humans became disconnected from nature (originally) and nature was seemingly the first spirits. Of course this happened over a length of time (few thousand years?) So, the disenchantment took this long, how long would re-enchantment take? Probably double (as in 6 thousand more) point: it would take another 6000 years for all of this world to be on the same page (in my opinion) if not 6000 years (because time and trauma tend to run on the same frequency) another flood, big bang, or the apacolypse that is due… will clear out that 6000 years timeline and all that remain shall inherit the earth in order to repopulate. 🙂 food for thought

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