The moving moment

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Is the ‘Moment’ moving?

All things appear to be in movement, it would seem the whole world is moving. What is important that within and throughout this movement of our world, our life, that we keep to the Sanctity of this moment. That we hold true to our center, as the world goes round. This means staying with our attention focused with our truth in this moment. The number one goal above all else being; to cultivate love, liberation, and insouciant joy, within the Sanctum of this holy moment we all share.

By holy moment I mean nothing more then the very timeless- time we’ve been living in all our lives. The moment is very tangible, quantifiable and undeniable, since it is the very thing through which we observe life.

The divine is simply the clarity and beauty within all things in this moment.-

Have you ever considered how miraculously- awesome some of these subjects we are conversing about here, and all we are a part of are? “My goodness.” ‘Shakes his head, in the complete overwhelming splendiferousness of it all.’ ;-p

We are all truly one, in a life together. The one is the whole of all things, being one together seems to be utterly unavoidable.

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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