Over Learning

To the over studious,

I’ve been discussing a very interesting subject which has been coming up in conversation lately, concerning the use of books and audio, mentors etc. as learning tools. First let me say I do believe they are totally fantastic, and books, audios and certainly mentors will forever hold a most precious place in my heart. Eternal appreciation,,,

Do you recall when the camera first began being pervasive? Those who always ran around needing to record on video every little thing in life? You can do that, however, you don’t quite get the living essence of the life experience while your busy recording it. I feel this relates in a slightly facetious manor, to those who are always reading and taking one course after another. (Again I believe courses and all are wonderful and probably good from time to time to run through many times over. ;-p However, when it comes to the more direct experiential learnings, (which I personally feel are the ones which become real to oneself) the information ought come from an inner source. An inner connection to your source which is derived from your personal experience.

This really goes beyond the teachings in the mind. There is much information you will receive, which over time unfurls passing into the mind. I’ve noticed the real valuable teachings do not have there wellspring anchored in thinking, but a more deeper place, such as the heart ability to feel.

Now, if you recall something out of a book or teaching, during those ‘in the moment experiences, then that’s wonderful. However keep in mind when you partake of a book or a course you are doing precisely that. You are partaking in whatever is specifically going on within it. It is not your in the moment organic, experience of living life. This organic quality of living is experienced of your own self inside, in ‘personally in the moments cultivated quietude.’ This is basically a learning to look inside yourself for the answers, healings, or guidance. In place of another book or course. Again, I understand courses are good and so are books, and so are guided meditations etc.

However in some cases people just get into the looking to the next thing to learn, in place of seeing, that the next step of learning may be in ‘places where there are no books or courses’ as such. Where the great course of life teaches inside your experience of what is real to you. Here you can learn, here you can ask for guidance which will be your own.

You see it is good to have a master, a mentor, and you will most likely have those things, including all your books, till your days end. Still at some point I feel one must come to the decision to be the master of oneself, to be the greatest mentor of oneself. I honestly feel once that inner connection of learning has become real, you will choose personal inner wisdoms over books or someone else’s words any day. All things have their place; I’d say if you’ve been reading and studying for over 9 years and still choose books and mentors over your own personal mastery, I would consider, putting down the books and teachers and giving the living God (the life/ experience that is) within an honest try.

So if the habit of asking someone else or picking up a book pops up, just for a time, see if you can answer your own question. Do it as a practice for a month, and see how it feels to you. Do not worry, you can always go back to reading and mentors, as I also do. I so feel that the only real truth is inside, and only we can know it for ourselves.

Again, I am not saying to stop learning, I am saying to possibly, if you feel ready and inclined to do so. To consider a way of learning that comes from personal own inner connection to the whole. I believe you will be quite surprised at how amazing you already are, how much you already know, and how much you can know in one moment of sincere- honest openness, as you allow your wisdoms to surface! With the questions, come the answers, they are in many ways, one and the same.

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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