Inspirational Impressions #2

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Of Travel.

  • If we wish to move out into the stars, we first ought settle our grief back home. It would be prudent to travel whole into spaces unknown.
  • Core rules apply, when entering other lands, lives, homes or galaxies.
  • Be prepared and clear within, before entering strange worlds. Keeping in mind, you take with you, what you are, wherever you go.

Of the Unknowable- experience:

  • There is nothing pseudo about direct experience and expressions of your truth.
  • I would hint to convey; we are a -moving, a -story, a -happening,,, within the great self, which is the deepest part of us, known to us empirically as untouched awareness.
  • Chimes invoke the sacred, the sacred is authentic, the sacred is the sanctity of this great moment.
  • Let my mind ever rest on the tranquil open space, found when the focus detaches, to jettison past and future, and joins sincerity in the unbound center.
  • Only the recognition of your divinity matters in this moment. This sincere- cognizance, a moving into ‘remembering,’ will set you free.

Of Blessings:

  • Questioning the efficacy of blessings, is questioning your own authenticity.
  • In truths honest chime, any action will be sure, will be whole, will be from a place of connection to the deepest part of us.
  • Intrinsically things return to there natural state, all on there own, cuts heal without our meddling. ‘The miracle of life existing and the simplicity of blessings.’
  • The mind is best in a receptive state, till the heart over flows, to fill it by source with blessings of the core.

‘Instruments of grace, play deep and mirthful songs.’

I ask each reader receives exactly what they need for correction and stabilization, in such a way as to ensue; clear sight, true living and wholesome loving.

When we listen and look, we see!

Till next time

Sincerely yours in Music, Words and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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2 thoughts on “Inspirational Impressions #2

  1. inspiritaction

    Thank you for your blessing. Wholesome loving feels good.

    I have a question, what do you mean with untouched awareness? An awareness that cannot be effected, altered or….?

    „..which is the deepest part of us, known to us empirically as untouched awareness.“

    Liked by 1 person

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