Inspirational Impressions

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Inspiritor of Reflections. Part #1 Includes; ‘Of the Heart,’ and ‘Of Transformation.’

Reminders, Yes,, that is what we do, what we are to each other. Beautiful little reminders.”

  • Of the Heart:

Societies may rise and fall, but the truth and value of love remains the same throughout them all.

Things may come and they may go, but the worth of love in your heart and the happiness it brings remains priceless.

Decisions of the heart; feel ok saying; “I don’t know why, I just felt I should.”

The love and puissance of the heart, is the only true currency I’ve ever known.

The Heart can see clearly in places, where the mind is scattered, inept to find.

The Heart sees in spaces that are blind to the mind.

Some truths are indeed (Devotedly) veraciously written in the heart. Values which can’t be forgotten because, they are invariably (not metaphorically, but in fact) at the heart of all things. As a ground-foundational building block, which makes up existence.

Worlds beyond Worlds, we are truly a part of something Great!

  • Of Transformation:


Release the ‘try’ – embrace the ‘allow!’

Releasing the control of things, which are attached to having things work out a certain way, is doing ‘the inner work of transforming hurts.

Transmute the story into truth. Leaving no thing behind, but uplifting and transforming. Which in truth is really just a letting go, things transform back to their natural state all on their own.  Such is the nature of miracles.

Ceasce pretending that certain aspects of you are meaningless, without value,,,(something to be rid of).  You are in all your fragmentation, very meaningful, filled with values, gifts which would take lifetimes to unravel. This recognition, is the gateway into a broader periphery of existence.

Allowing Life,,, letting life be, is stepping out of the illusion, into crystal clarity and beyond…

To be continued,,, in Part 2 of “Inspirational Impressions.”

It is my work, it is my heart, it is my love for each of you.

Yours in words- sketches and music sincere

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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One thought on “Inspirational Impressions

  1. inspiritaction

    You are in all your fragmentation, very meaningful, filled with values, gifts which would take lifetimes to unravel.

    *Thank you for reminding! Was good to read your words this morning.

    Liked by 1 person

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