Phoenix Rebirth

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Looking down at his hands, Karis gasped with surprise at the disappearance of the sickly- decrepit bird which was just sprawled and resting within them. He shook his head in disbelief, sniffing the air he noticed a burning smell, followed by trails of smoke leading upward. His gaze followed the dancing smoke all the way up into the sky. That’s when he saw it… Gaping in awe at one of the most glorious sights he had ever laid eyes on. Lambent swirling colors of flame, hues and shades of Reds, greens, and blues!

With a pithy screech, stretching its wings to fill the sky with there luminous luster it took to the air. Karis followed its trail of colors as far as his eyes could reach. At last it faded from sight into the forest and mountains into the horizon.

“Wow,,,” Karis cooed. ‘I’ve only heard of such fables in Grandpas stories.‘ He thought to himself, his eyes and brows forming an introspective- quizzical expression.

His mind traveled back to a time, when he and his grandpa sat together in this very spot. He recalled the words which his grandpa had spoken to him that day;

Miracles are found often in the most unexpected, here divinity is free, unburdened by our minds, to shine its blessings.” ( His grandfather smiled out of the ethers, hearing his voice in dreams still speaking.)

Karis felt humbled overlooking the land before him. Immersing into impressions of the miracle which had just overcome him. He cushioned up a blanket where he stood to sit on. Here he stayed the day, gazing out over the fields, into the forests and over the mountains,,, pondering the experience,,, and wether his new friend would stop back to visit sometime.

Annotation- Side note:

I’ve been debating on wether or not to add this to the Blog. My nudges got the best of me and I do feel it felicitous to do so.

After sketching the picture of the monk, waving to the Phoenix, ‘good further journeys.’ I received a text message from my aunt, which read; (in German) “Er ist erloest.” Which translates ruffly into; He has been freed or liberated. My heart felt instantly what she meant. 🙂

My Grandpa had past on July 3rd shortly after I finished sketching the picture. It is such a beautiful thing how deep our connections, (unknowingly) are to each other. My Grandpa was by far one of the most meaningful people in my life. Through our connection, his words were always as Gold to me.

I feel him with me now, even more, and I am so very happy that my family feels similar. Celebrating him and allowing all tears and release which comes with it. Death but a door, we are to each other in our senses and feelings, what we have always been. Life or death, nothing can change our bonds of love at heart, which transcend the seams of creation and all things. Love truly transcends all things!

Death but a door we are to each other, in our senses and feelings, what we have always been,,,

Be good to one another.” … “I love you dearly Opa! ;-)”

“✨🎶Aber eins, aber eins,,, das bleibt bestehen, unsere Familie wird nie untergehen!🎶✨”

(A song my Grandpa would sing to us during family gatherings.)

It is my work, it is my heart, it is my love for each of you.

Yours in words- sketches and music sincere

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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2 thoughts on “Phoenix Rebirth

  1. I would like to send condolences for your grandfathers passing Nic.. allowing yourself your time… and then of course… celebrating his new birth in this manner in your way blesses us all. Thank you for this.. blessings to your family and loved ones. Love and light always… fly fly fly

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  2. inspiritaction

    Much love, ganz viel Liebe. Beautiful that you are sharing this with us. Synchronicity. Many blessings, to all beings who have walked this earth and their unique way to experience their life. It goes deep when grandpa and grandma go. My condeledcent. I hope he had a peaceful way of going.

    Liked by 1 person

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