Mirror of Souls.

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THE Great Unknown – Mirror of Souls!

“Mirror, mirror on the, in my, ehhh ,,, oh never mind lets forget that part and get right to it!” ;-p

“What am I?” A mysterious deepening silence follows…

I do not know…” more silence. What would you like to be?

Let’s check the to do list:

  • See clearly
  • Live freely
  • Love completely

How often have we risen our clenched hands into the sky, claiming injustice as our bane. Rife in the blaming of all for a broken life. Turn now and face yourself, the echelon bows before compassion’s- clear and argent glory, hale, robust, strong and vigor, you shall rise, from the ‘holy center.’ Rise not higher then any other, but above all distortions within one another.

We co-mingle in life, all hold this mirror, to brave and make whole. its shattered appearance.

If you still feel as though this shall not do. I ask you; “how would we make it different?” Then dream that dream and may life’s inclination be, to mold in seamless seams the truth with Love at heart, all just to see you smile again. (So be it.)

And if your smile is all that life ever meant, it would be a life worth living, over and over and over again…

It is my work, it is my heart, it is my love for each of you.

Yours in words- sketches and music sincere

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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4 thoughts on “Mirror of Souls.

  1. The screen saver on my phone says: “What are you adding to the world today”. I will never change it. I think it is a great reminder to be mindful about starting the day.

    This post reminded me of that. So true to think that if you can muster up even a smile then the work is done, and is almost always reciprocated. As I told you before, love your writing and your insight. Busy these days, so it was nice to see what you have graced us with. Always a pleasure. Donna


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