Cadent- sketches within the Great- virtues

This is a little different then usual, here are some random impressions from the field of virtues. As I reminded a good friend of mine a few days back; “Don’t worry if you were not listening, I always say the same thing anyways, just in different words.” ;-p

What is it that moves us so, calls us to wanting, when we have it all? Creating future when there is none to be found. Is it the planets turning divine into time, moving ominous the minds as they integrate to thine? To hold to love, in sacred wedding, as the worlds are dancing there arcane and holy cadence. A deepening into your own love and becoming timeless.-

The gifts of the great virtues, which allow for ‘life- clarity’ and #Love to #flow candid and freely;

-A heart overflowing with unbridled Love and gratitude for all things, as they are.

-The sharing of life with others, who live within the great virtues. This in my opinion is one of the most amazing gifts of our experience, to share our lives with others whom sincerely live wholesomely.

-A love which looks forward to the clarity of every moments resolve.

-Observing life becoming more and more amazing, in the glory of each moments unfolding.

-All material possessions become secondary if that, to the feeling of awe observing the very magic of life, which unfolds before us.

What is true to you, within every personal fiber of your being? This is your personal door way, into a beautiful life.-

We are still learning, what the ego, the idea of ‘I’ truly is, I believe all things when returned to there pure candid state find there place in truth, being good and whole, as is.

-To the divine (the pure of intent) in ourselves, which unfolds and blesses all.

-‘All of #creation is your home,’ and you are always safe in blessed love.

Consciousness is with you, and wether you realize its innate nature to be all things or not, ‘it is so,’ it is the clay we use to shape our world. As you can watch in you dreams rust transformed to gold, so is this world connected to the fabric of such dreams.

The love of the heart to pull all aspects of you through the Stargate into the experience of that ‘were all words fail.’-

Side note: By the ‘Great virtues,’ I just mean an inner #devotion to the good of things. The transformation from distortion into positive life energy growth.

Yours in words sincere

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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