When life’s churning-call, becomes so very poignant (the hodgepodge cookie cutter of souls.)

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming, I knowWhat can we do?

Free your worries & vindicate your mind by the sanctuary of the heart!– (hmm, that sounds good, but will need further explanations for sure. Haha.)

So let us be reminded on this day, as I have been reminded while I was baking cookies (yes I can bake cookies, sort of,,, I’m working on it ;-p), not wanting to forget and burn them, to; “Remember the cookies!”

The message is very clear, remember the sweet and fun in life, (obviously duh ;-p) be enlivened by the little stuff. Remember to feel good about things, I mean wholesomely good. Like the moments, when you smell the gentle wafting scent of almond cookies fill your living space, allow the little ‘cool stuff,’ to expand, as to fill your whole experience. (No this is not a commercial for Cookies. ‘Get your today!’— Or is it? hmm,,,) “Ok enough silly lets get to it shall we:”

This to some degree may be different pertaining to each individual, as to where on the path they are. Sometimes the inner world/ emotions can be such a bedlam, that we dare not even go there. In this case, focusing on the basics I believe is the real key. The basics being, nourishment (the heart- the color green), movement (the body/ vigor- the color red) and study (the mind- the color blue). These being the prime colors, and in my opinion the prime practices, which in turn create the #foundation in order to, in a very balanced fashion, kindle the pure fire to unfold your life. Interesting side note: Science btw says: The perfect balance of the prime colors in fact create; ‘#whitelight.’ (Definitely a worth googling subject.)

Kindling just enough inner-fire to break through, managing and bringing balance to the inner flame. You may feel in overwhelming moments, despair, possibly wanting to lash out in searing anger- suppressed tears and emotions. This is usually of a flame not allowed to burn (to give its expressions) throughout the mundane, suppressed and wanting so dearly to be heard, to be liberated in its expression.-

On some level it really takes discipline, dedication and ‘#loyalty to self,’ in order to make lasting changes. What I mean by this is; That the responsibility to make good of life rests in your hands, and your hands alone. A personal self effort (to listen to our wholesome voice of reason) on our part to some degree seems to be of utter importance. In the sense that the life that is does not ‘do for you,’ anything. But, it becomes for you, what your inner experience of things dictates. This is the great gift which life has rendered and imparted to us. The experience of personal awareness, which comes with personal responsibility for your life experience.

-Sure at the end it may all be a gift of grace, yet muster the holy decision to allow, still seems to rest in our hands.-

A certain self- nurturing which begins ‘within,’ whatever you may or may not have, it starts wherever you are now. A cleaning up through compassion, self-love and release. Making the inner space or sanctum of operation (your inner-office), a amicable place to be.

In the releasing of false perceptions, untold storehouses of mana or life energy are set free to flow for you. Returning the strength to you, in the form of inspiration to walk your path into fulfillment.-

So do we actually create all this? On one level I would say ‘no.’ The life force prime-pure essence at the core of creation, our core, creates. Yet this core does not seem to have or know a personal “I.” Therefore so long as there is an “I or we,” it feels more of a truth to say; we are endowed with the power of choice, however it is the actual source from which choice arises, which creates the actual matra for experience to be.

Good habits make good living. Like ‘happy-healthy cookies,’ which I’m about to head into the kitchen for. ;-p-

Meaning that the life that is could potentially bring anything your way. Still, the gift in our hands is to nurture and tend to this inner garden of beliefs. Our believes being as prayers are, in which we relate to this ‘life mirror.’ So it is in our hands to be in harmony with our intents, to hold true to there integrity. So our work rests in the maintenance of belief or faith. “Which I feel is partly taking responsibility and nurturing our physical being, with proper ‘living foods,’ movement and informational input to support our desired path.”

Your as always in Words-Music- Happy fun time super dancing awesomeness and more (hmm, a little much? Oooh never, just go with it)

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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4 thoughts on “Overwhelming

  1. inspiritaction

    I can relate to that and find focusing on the little things very helpful. Like the birds singing in the morning or having cloth and food…a nice, warm conversation with a friend…or at the moment when it feels a bit like an internal storm, to pause and get quite and breathe for a moment. Thank you for this beautiful article. I want to make cookies now too!

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