On whatever path you walk

(Click for part 1 plus song) Whatever you may call it. Part 2 😉

Capturing the loving caress of the gentle summers wind, in one sweet breath. Then I let it go, because it was mine only for the time, and if I held it in,,, the very cause, of all of my suffering.-

-1.Whatever you may call it, 2.On whatever path you walk. There is one thing we all share; ‘the very wonder which beats our hearts.’

(Sometimes #songs, can remind us better then any other #experience, songs seem to hold deep reaching sway into ‘the tipping of scales, from mundane perception into #enchantment within the #great-mystery.)

Part 1 is a sketch of a Musical project that is in the works. In this mantra I use the word ‘God,’ very openly, which I usually tend not to. Only because it seems to evoke mixed concepts and feelings, so I kindly ask for clemency from everyone when I use this word. It is really meant to take the ‘shape or non-shape’ for you, in accordance with your personal connection to it. Bringing you ever closer to your #authentic-self and -‘Love.‘- It is all about you! This unexplainable experience of life, we all share, relates with you through the venue or ways you personally relate with it. I would assume, life to prefer you be in open communion, however the choice rests -as a key to unlock the one #great-treasure-chest, containing all your hopes dreams, desires, and so, so very much more…- with you.

When I say ‘God,’ I am really just saying ‘the one thing we all share.’ (This life & the awareness to perceive it.)-

Do I know what it is? ‘I do not.’ What I do know is this; when Love and Compassion take hold, things become still and clear and that in that stillness, that clarity, ever deeper, the question dissolves into itself, revealing that awe inspiring ‘,,,’ in which all words fail,,,

-Stillness so still, it would appear as nothing much at all.-

That’s what God means to me. It is no more then a simple acknowledgment of the life we are, the breath we breath, and the mystery and untold enchantment of it all.

What is the meaning of the word ‘God‘ to you?” (Share below in the comment section) One of my favorite things is actually hearing others describe there relation to this untouchably-miraculous experience of life.

Check out the Song we are talking about! Click Whatever you may call it.

Yours as ever in Words, Music, Health and more…

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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9 thoughts on “On whatever path you walk

  1. Interesting truly.. but.. God:: is a place for me.. a Great big Blue Chair that I found the most comfort in when i was 19.. it’s where I knew true love for the first time. And I felt it back. I felt safe and secure. Never once had I been threatened there. It was in my first apartment. And there, like you said, Calm and Still. Life before and afterwards has remained chaos. I had nothing in that apartment but the blue chair and a bed.

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    1. NicolasHeartmann

      Oh my,,, thank you so much, for sharing something so very personal. ❤️ (slightly sad 😞 ending,,,) but I suppose a story is never over, until we stop telling it.
      Thank you 🙂

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