Enter the space of the auspicious- unspeakable

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All Retrospective ties become unraveled, we are never Broken, Juxtaposed between past and future, we emanate from out the pure-potential- epicenter.

Before we get started I’d like to add; “If all this seems a little arcane or mystical, that’s because life is a little arcane and mystical. ;-p”

The question is this; ‘what is it that keeps us from just being in a space of contentment (‘rhetorical,’ best not to answer that, haha), a state of unburdened being? Where does the spurious ‘life lived in the mind,’ attempt to coerce our attention into going this time? The done, the undone, the bumbaaadaaduumbuum…;-p

I recall a verse from St. Francis “You can not serve tow masters.”-

I believe the mind can be a great device, so long as we are not using the mind as the soul arbiter for self-identification. Consider this; the mind is just another thing in creation, it has its function and abilities ‘which certainly merit veneration.’ However, it is not creation itself, it is not all-encompassing of the aspects which make up ‘you,’ it is not the life force, the ‘prime-matra.’ So to become immersed within the infinity of your untold potential (your home of actual residence), you can not be bound to the shackles of the mind, which speaks often in contra.

Life sojourns into the mind and becomes as far immersed as to be lost, in its corridors of time.-

This is really much more then just spending your moments trying to reach for a positive outlook on life all day, and when it eludes you, you become frustrated. This is more then something to be acquired, that could be taken from you. ‘It is you,’ ever clearer as false concepts become untethered!

Inner clearing, releasing- forgiveness as the greatest gift imparted by self to self.-

There is something which you simply are, at your core or epicenter. So the accomplishment is in point of fact a releasing, of what is in the way and regaining a clear connection through the in and exhaling of the great breath of life.

Finished-unfinished, all fades away only you remain, untouched, unshaped awareness.

Creating an awareness around what goes on inside you, and making conscious decisions on what you will, and will not partake in is key. The way I believe this can really be learned well, is by spending times in solitude and unhindered silence. So without distractions, you can begin to notice, what is really going on inside yourself and your belief systems. (These believes or agreements with reality are in many ways the dictators as to how you will function, and what will be possible for you.)

A real indubitable (‘indubitable’ what a fun word ;-p) truth, is one you feel as good and clear, undoubtable within the presence of unshakable stillness.-

If you wish so, declare it now with me:(Ask to experience the sanctity of this moment.)

I Stand my ground here, I state clear my claim here and remain within my birthright; “the sanctity of this moment,” all else, future-past to be untethered. No future, no past, no deadline, no next moment (even the idea of one moment to the next, becomes undone here), I remain within untold- unbound potential. The mind also finds its place & purpose here, expressing truth in its malleable jell- like ever flexible state. The mind becomes the crystal expression of the arcane divine which is our home. And so the work is done,,,

May The divine- grace of this moments- pure- clear- flow, move through us as we open to our own inner clarity, and touch all whom ask to be touched with the pure core essence, in just the way they need.-

It is my Work, it is my Heart, it is my Love for each of you.

Till next time, yours in Words, Music, Health and more.

Nicolas Heartmann

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23 thoughts on “Enter the space of the auspicious- unspeakable

  1. –Inner clearing, releasing- forgiveness as the greatest gift imparted by self to self.-

    I love this! I see your work as beautifully written, with enviable articulation. I hope that comes as a compliment to you because that is the intent! Your compositions are almost lyrical in delivery. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

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  2. Enjoyed my visit to your blog, thanks for dropping by so I could find you. Indubitable was a fab new word to encounter. I’ll have ‘Life is but a Dream’ going round my inner ear the rest of the day now too. Thanks πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. “This is more then something to be acquired, that could be taken from you. β€˜It is you,’ ever clearer as false concepts become untethered!” Loved these two sentences. The entire post was intense, and yet one can come away comforted. Make sense? Donna


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