A Ceremony of Words

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The mind sheds it’s fetters, so to hear it’s older brother. So when the vocal-chords ring out, it is the hearts connected-sound. In compassions- sway, we dance unbound, in sincerities embrace clarity is found. This lucidity of which no words will do, is a feeling, a knowing, a being, just being, unfolding the nimbus of love enticing. In the same waters swimming- free of minds resounding din. This place behold, you enter now, cleared will you be of external bonds. Only your own voice, the one of the finest center, within you perceived, ‘Gates open ,,, Enter.’

Enter this space, and ask, ask what you’ve been longing to know, aching hear.

(That was interesting, fun,,, and adventurous, ha! ;). See,,, I told you we’d be having some completely awesome times around here ;-p.) Something about rhyming words together elicits a certain feeling of mystical- entrancing romance, doesn’t it? I think that’s because we can sense that behind the words there are hidden meanings. Like little treasures unfolding to the reader, when we open to it at just the right angles, to peer just a little deeper into the chasms, spun by the ‘ceremony of there meaning.‘ We can see beneath the surface, a whole new world unfolding, all new potentials presenting themselves.

The feeling of such moments is so very precious & captivating, they keep one ‘curiously- enamored’ a life time.-

Allow the Ceremony of words to inspire you to ever greater heights. ‘The words you write, the words you speak, the words you read and become ensconced with.’ Weigh them well, becoming mindful of the feelings you partake in through there expressions. The words we keep, the feelings they impart, may be more puissant and impactful, then we have ever thought.

They may very well be, the very dials and cranks, used to focus intent, ‘spinning in symbionts with the great unspeakable,’ turning the gears of creation unthinkable into thinkable.-

Thank you for joining me today!

Yours in words, music, health and more…

Nicolas Heartmann

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