Faith beyond Faith.

(#Love beyond love, #Knowing beyond the need of such things. Sword of omens, give me #sight beyond sight! Yes, (I’m a #Thundercats fan, don’t judge me! πŸ˜‰
Nothing Skewed or Premature about this, we are going right to the Core.
When we truly have faith, anxiety cannot exist.-

Let’s return to this place of connectedness, where the mentality of being a victim to life’s happenings, fade into a truth much greater. There is a life that is grand, it is waiting for you to partake of its splendiferous nature. It is within the things you love to do, it is within the courage to take after and pursue those things. But, more then that it is something that just ‘is,’ when we remove everything else.

It is in the valiance of your spirit to rise into the in-between of life’s changing themes.-

‘Look for those bare necessities good old natures recipe, and bring those bare necessities to life.’ (Yes, ‘#Baloo,’ from the #Jungle-book was the wisest of all.) Let’s just relax,,, relax like we are on an island, where all our needs are met. Just for a moment let them all go, every need every care, every lingering regret. Just be on this island with me for a moment. Everything,,, everything, is taken care of for you here. (Doooon’t ,,, I feel you trying to leave the island! Noooooooooo get back on the island, coooome baaaack! Where are you going? ;-p ) Just unfold in this moment here a minute, without future, without past, without need.


Do you feel that? The feeling that settles in to you,,, when you put yourself into this state? It’s like a feeling that says; “All is possible. There is no need to strive so vigorously to make things happen.” You know,,, we live on this island. “We do!” Our attention, no matter what we try or what we do,,, always emanates from the here, now,,, from this island of endless potential.

-It is the work of every soul at heart, to be, to stay here, the clear truth, the clear home, and to galvanize all touched to remember.-

We get so lost sometimes, in being people, that we forget that we are eternal first. I know, that sounds like such an extravagantly crazy thing to say in this day and age. However, consider this, at the very least, existence, the something that is, the something that is untold yet ever unfolds, this life unexplainable,,, if it (you) are not here? Where would you/ it be? Something so extraordinary beyond reckoning of which you are part, where else if not here, would it be (I mean common, like I’m not always gone be around to nag you, impossible ahaha.)?

Such a fantastic subject sure to be continued and elaborated. Join me on our next adventure, through the planes of imagination and possibility. (NO! That does not mean its not real. If it is, in any fashion what’s so ever, then it is and is real, for whatever it is. Such it is,,, so there! ;-p)

Stay here.-

Yours in words, music, health and relaxed- focus!

Nicolas Heartmann

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