Far beyond the Forest and the Waves!

This was going to be, (by request) a Blog on exercise, training and fitness. BUT, I believe this is ‘#MUCH better,,,’ (surly there will be Blogs on training philosophy. I do feel it a very important thing to talk about, just not at the moment.) So, staying honest to my own #rhythm, brace yourself for that which is to ensue:

To travel, where no (women-man) being has gone before (haha).-

The forest is a place of perfect refuge, the forest is place of the unpredictable. As the ocean, the forest too, touches the horizon of the unfathomable. Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, all touch the ‘Arcane- ether,’ the fourth element which rests within the center. (Wow, that was so epic, we should stop right there! ;-p)

I’ve been (type) silent a while (no,,, my app, which lends my keyboard a typing sound is still quite functional ;-p), this usually means I’m learning or deepening a precious and valuable life lesson…

Life energy placed in material security, (people, places, events or things), pales before the experience of rising into the valorously- ‘for the good of things’ being we can become (and are).-

Waist not the minutest instance on wanting, ‘because we can have.’

We can dream and in good time watch it come to be (Lyrics to one of my songs, of which you all btw, will be informed of in the times to come ;-)!-

Move your minds trajectory into the present moment, here is your puissance, here the future is untold! –HERE, the future is ever Untold!-

This is more then just faith in some ‘enigmatic essence’, it really means to have faith in yourself, and your place within creation.

Some believe at the core of things there is good, some believe there is selfish agendas and some,,, believe neither, that there is only potential.

I say that the greatest of potential and value found in life, is to believe in the goodness at the core of all things.-

It is the goodness, the compassion (for self and others), that lends the ability to smile in situations that are bleak,,, set your wings to rise above. You have wings to fly,,, use them,,, and vindicate the self of bondage. Sure these wings are symbolic, however, in this life,,, they may be the best symbolism or image to use, which embody the imprint of your truth.

The wellspring of knowing is experiencing inside, that we are just simply so much more.-

And we will experience this, when we become clear, when our lake is stilled of ripples. It is in a clear state that we resolve ourselves into the realization, that at the core of things, there is only Love,,’ entering the space in which no such appellations are needed.

It is simply so, when all is gone, in this silence love remains

The highest goodness of all is Love, truly Love Traverses and Overcomes all things, to return home into its own again.-

At the frontlines of creation, ‘there is you,,, there is us,’ in this moment all existence gracefully waits on your decision,,, Will you choose faith of your own, will you see there is only you at the core of all things reflecting back within? Will you choose Love and return home again?

“I choose to believe that there are no unfortunate events! I choose to believe, that life is good, I choose to believe that Love will forever triumph. I choose the path of liberation…

What this means to me is this; I can live in and enjoy this life in all its aspects, but, ‘I will not be bound by it.‘ I may enjoy all sorts of material experiences, but my value and sincere appreciation is placed in the life which is behind the experience.

(This is for sure, a Blog which will be continued within all that is to come.)

Yours in Words- Health- and nurturing choices.

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4 thoughts on “Far beyond the Forest and the Waves!

  1. Caro

    The feeling of goodness behind / in all things has carried me through a lot of darkness. A knowing in the heart.

    I love your sentence about the life behind the experience. In my own words, to not get trapped in any identification with something or things for too long. Keep it flow, attention relaxed and open, and be receptive for what is to come.

    Thanks for your beautiful reminders of heart truths through your written words.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Penny Mason Publications

    Thank you so much for the “referral”. Wow. I’m overwhelmed by the sentiments of your posts. Sentiments I share for the most part.
    Penny – thepennymasonpost.wordpress.com pennymasonpublications.com mysterybookreviewsbypennymason.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

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