Love of stillness.

Love of stillness – The greatest Mentor

Hawaiian 🌺 waves 🌊, some keys🎼 and words. 💫 (from 2016)

Words spoken in Video:

Infinity unfolds, right here.
So precious is this moment.

There is nothing outside worth seeking,
in exchange for leaving this space vacant.

It is here and here alone,
where the endless is unfolding.

No thought is worth
the price of stillness.

So gentle is the embrace of my beloved…
It melts the heart and soul to gold.

Gladly I give it all,
to be in her loving arms.

As we coalesce I behold as one,
the earth, the moon, the stars, the sun…

All these visions pale, in this sweet surrender.
As we are bare before each other.

There opens for me her holy presence,
as I enter the gate into our sacred essence.

Enamored by this sweet still Love,
no words be spoken, truth ever enough.



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