Oh, oh ‘bubbles’ (what a great topic) I love bubbles, all sorts of bubbles. Today there will probably be some bubbles falling from the sky, in the form of rain- bubbles. Maybe we should call them rain-bubbles in stead of raindrops. ‘Rain-bubbles,’ just has a neat sound to it, doesn’t it? Bubble, bubble, bubble, see,,, I mean you can just say it all day and it never becomes insipid.

Many of my favorite things all either bubble or are bubbles.-

I don’t think anymore needs to be said then that at the moment. Just bubble, bubble on that’s all. Just be a happy little bubble, bubbling around, just the bubbly little way you do. (Silly I know, but great subject none the less, ‘it needed to be said.’)

Within the laws of a child’s heart, are surely percolating bubbles of reasonless awe.-

Ok, all sorts of felicitous- seriousness for just one sec. Let us imagine being a bubble in the lambent- breezy summer sky, blown about by someone so happy and carefree, just in bliss to see us be. Then burst into a million pieces, shedding the skin of the living dreamscape, sliding between the seams and becoming seamless. The magic, mystery and deepening meaning of bubbles forever endless- unraveling, and returning safely home again!

Yours in Music-Words-Health & Fitness!

Hope everyone had a great weekend- bubble on!

Till next time, your bubble specialist πŸ˜‰

Nicolas Heartmann


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